Ashes from Halo: Reach Piano Sheet Music

Here is a pdf I made in Finale 2012 out of another user's midi file.

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Fighting Game-Related Motion Sickness

The Escapist has a short article up on methods to combat various forms of motion sickness sometimes related to video gaming.

Bungie fans will recall some of the problems fans had with the XBLA version of Marathon:Durandal that caused motion sickness in some players. It was speculated that the problems were related to the field of vision and framerates being different between computers from the era in which M:D was originally developed and the Xbox 360.

In short, the suggestions are: sit further from the display, have some ginger, and just grin and bear it-- the effect can lessen with time.

Marathon Gets DLC on Xbox Live June 18th

Our friends at Freeverse released a content pack (available 6/18/08) coming to the Xbox Live Arcade port of Marathon: Durandal. Includes netmaps, the jjaro textures from Marathon Infinity, and two new achievements!

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Durandal Escapes The Closure, Lands On Xbox


Mark "Have Blue" Levin of Freeverse has written up a Gamasutra postmortem of their port of Marathon 2: Durandal to the Xbox 360.

What's revealed is that the Xbox version isn't so much a port as it was almost a complete from-the-ground-up rewrite:

Going beyond a port. Without an emulator, huge chunks of the game had to be discarded. The original rendering code of the game was very well suited to its original platform, but was entirely unusable on the Xbox 360. MacOS’s proprietary graphics API, QuickDraw, was used extensively throughout; some of its features, such as drawing 2D lines, were absent from the 360 entirely. Screen-space arithmetic was done using fixed-point integer math, a crucial optimization a decade ago but a source of needless complexity today.

Texture mapping was done using blocks of PowerPC and 68K assembler -- no one on the team was able to directly read them. The entire renderer had to be rewritten in DirectX. As a result, the 360 version of Marathon 2 outputs a native 720p image at 60 frames per second, rather than the 480p30 of the original. And unlike most other classic ports, it uses texture filtering, true 32-bit rendering, and every pixel of a widescreen display.

The "HD" mode of the graphics, which in other games commonly refers to a post-processing filter, is a completely new set of images. All of the nearly three thousand sprites in the game were redrawn in true 32-bit color, allowing us to put our own spin on the look of the game.

Wow. That's an awful lot of love heaped on a decade-old game; but Marathon deserves it. Check out the entire postmortem for the story of what went right, and what went wrong, bringing Marathon to the Xbox 360.

Retronauts Explore The Marathon

Marathon Logo

1Up's Halo 3 coverage continues; this time, the Retronauts Blog is traveling further back in time to the colony ship Marathon. There's also an indication from Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison from Freeverse in the comments to that entry to the effect that if there's enough interest, that Marathon Infinity and even the original Marathon can also be brought to Xbox Live, just like Marathon: Durandal has been.

IGN Walks You Through Marathon: Durandal

Marathon 2 Logo

Ma1agate tipped us off that IGN has started offering a walkthrough for Marathon: Durandal. It's got a section on basics to familiarize players of more modern games with the Marathon series and its unique quirks (no jumping, no reloading) as well as a section on gameplay tips and a level-by-level walkthrough.

Marathon: Durandal Gets An Update

Marathon 2 Logo

Freeverse's XBLA port of Bungie's FPS classic Marathon 2: Durandal recently got an auto-update; you may have noticed the last time you played the game. Freeverse's web page has a news post up about the update. The highlights are:

  • Survival mode in demo
  • More sensitivity controls
  • FOV setting (for people with motion sickness problems)

For a more complete list of changes, see Freeverse's site. Thanks haveblue for the heads-up on Freeverse's post.

Draw Wacky Chief Adventures, Win Cool Stuff

Marathon 2 Logo

HBO is running another Seven on the Seventh contest; the prize this time is Marathon: Durandal, the XBLA conversion of the Bungie classic by Freeverse. To enter the contest, draw a picture of the Master Chief having "wacky adventures" in older Bungie games. See HBO for the complete rules.

PALGN: Marathon Among 'Best Values' on XBLA

Marathon 2 Logo

Australia's PALGN has posted a review of Freeverse's XBLA port of Marathon: Durandal. Their verdict:

Marathon: Durandal is one of the best value games on the XBLA. You could spend more time playing through this than Halo, and at a fraction of the cost. There are aspects of the game that are archaic and it’s not a good game in short bursts, however, it provides a mysterious and lengthy experience for anyone who is willing to immerse themselves.

They did say it's too easy to get lost, but there's always the Marathon Spoiler Guide if you do.

Freeverse Developer Posts Marathon Walkthrough

Marathon 2 Logo

Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison at Freeverse, the developer that brought Bungie's Marathon: Durandal to Xbox Live Arcade, has been working on a walkthrough of the game. While of course there is always the Marathon Spoiler Guide, which covers all three games, Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon: Infinity, Hippieman's walkthrough includes screenshots of environments, whereas the Spoiler Guide features only maps.

Currently Hippieman's walkthrough is a work in progress; you can download the latest version to see how far he's gotten; he announced the file in this thread in the Xbox forums.

For those who need a different kind of help with the game-- the kind needed to wring all 200 gamerscore points out of it-- Xyjar posted a Marathon: Durandal Achievement Guide.

Syndrome De La Page Blanche

In French, the phrase "syndrome de la page blanche", or white page syndrome, is intended as an expression of writer's block; the inability to begin a project faced with an empty page.

Myself, I always viewed it as an expression of the usefulness of limitations, boundaries, and direction: one of the reasons why so many works are derivatives and combinations is because it is easier to start with what you know and then change it than trying to tilt at the windmill of creating something truly unique. When faced with a boundary or limitation, you are teased into approaching it and testing its strength. If one was truly free to do or say truly anything without limit, it seems likely one would find nothing to say.

It is this thought that runs through my head while playing Freeverse's Xbox Live Arcade conversion of Marathon: Durandal. One is given to wonder if there is any value in such an object beyond nostalgia; a chance for those who played the game a decade ago to relive that experience. For some, a chance to recapture youth, or a chance to remember good times.

However, it is a good deal more than that; and comparing it to other games in the genre that make better use of the modern hardware in today's console provides an object lesson on the usefulness of limitations and boundaries.

Marathon Durandal Hits XBLA This Week

Marathon Logo

Major Nelson says that Marathon Durandal is one of two games that will hit Xbox Live Arcade this week; specifically, on Wednesday, when XBLA gets its weekly update.

Durandal wll cost 800 points. For more information and screenshots, check the Marathon Durandal page at

UPDATE: Over in the HBO forum, RotaJota found an interview with Bruce "Hippieman" Morrison about the game, and Gifty located what looks like a list of the game's achievements.

The Strange Story Of Xbox Marathon

Marathon Logo

Luke Smith has posted an interview with Freeverse's Bruce Morrison over at to explain how and why Marathon is coming to the Xbox and the role that the Bungie community played in it:

In 2004 Freeverse hired two new employees, Mark Levin and Bruce Morrison. You might know Mark as "Count Zero" or "HaveBlue" from HBO and Bruce as "Hippieman" from It wasn't long after that Mike Watson or "Patient Zero" from came to work at Freeverse and finally Steven Cento from the Myth community joined up in 2006 (He had done contract work for Freeverse for many years previous).

This was the core team to work on Marathon, and with good reason, everyone on the team had worked in Forge and Anvil. Mark worked on Aleph One and Steven had designed Myth tools and was familiar with Bungie's file format. It was a perfect match. These guys idolized Bungie and Marathon, and they knew how to treat the series with the respect and love it deserves.

Word is that Marathon 2: Durandal was chosen for XBLA because it is "the more accomplished and feature rich game, more modes of play and a better Campaign mode" according to Smith. That's Bungiespeak for "we still have the source code."

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