Halo, as first released on the Xbox gaming console.

Request - Under Cover of Night

Can I get Under Cover of Night for trumpet/bflat clarinet or maybe Another Rain on trumpet/ b flat clarinet?

How To Open Sheet Music Files

To open PrintMusic files, get the free FinaleNotepad program. Versions are available for Windows and Mac OS X. It opens PrintMusic files, as well as imports and exports MIDI.

To download the free program, the Finale website will require you to register a free account with them. Be sure to check the opt-in marketing settings at the bottom of the form if you don't want them to email you or give your contact information to their partners.

UPDATE: The free program for reading PrintMusic files is now Finale Reader.

How To Upload Sheet Music

Siege of Madrigal by Marty O'Donnell

After the last tutorial on how to download sheet music files there were some requests on how to upload files to the site for other readers to see.

If you've transcribed some music from Halo or any other Bungie or Wideload game and would like to share it with the community here through Rampancy's sheet music section, first you need to have an account, confirm that account, and be logged in. All of those steps are covered in the tutorial on How To Download Sheet Music Files. After you've followed those steps, come back here.

How To Download Sheet Music Files

Siege of Madrigal by Marty O'Donnell

Every so often readers have some trouble obtaining access to the sheet music files on Rampancy.net. Below is a short tutorial to help you out.

The short answer is that these files are freely available to anyone. All I ask in return is that you register an account first. Registration is free. I don't give out your email address to anyone, and the site will not mail you anything unless you ask.

What's Wrong With Destiny's Story?

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What's Wrong With Destiny's Story?
How I think Bungie's development history may have led to that empty feeling where Destiny's story should be. In the past this would have been a blog post, but since we're doing mostly videos these days... why not?

Halo MWNY Comparison

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Halo MWNY Comparison

Since Marty O'Donnell just posted a version of the Halo MWNY trailer from 1999, (view it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL0hrSSUpHw ) I thought I'd splice together a side-by-side comparison of that version and the one from Bungie's own YouTube channel, which I remember as being the version actually shown to the MWNY audience and captured in multiple shakycam videos.

Bungie's version is on the left; Marty O'Donnell's version is on the right.

These appears to be slightly different performances of basically the same demo, but when you sync the two copies to the music, some of the edits aren't in the exact same place, and there are a few segments that are slightly different.

There's a graphical glitch in Marty's version when the Spartan first emerges into the outdoors-- some of the polygons that make up the tunnel walls become transparent briefly. There's also a different camera angle that shows multiple flying objects over the water. These appeared briefly in the official version and were never positively identified; perhaps they were an element removed from the game before release?

Finally, the Bungie flag at the end of Marty's version has a glowing Apple logo on top of it.

You can see one of the actual shakycam videos of the trailer as shown to the MacWorld crowd here:


Halo Anniversary Coop Goes Out Of Sync

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ASE Special: Halo Anniversary lvl 2

Testing our 360 setup for the Destiny beta produced some odd results in Halo Anniversary online co-op.

Farthest Outpost/Mercy Plea/Earth City/Leonidas for Concert Band


Farthest Outpost from Roll Call- (Halo 3)

Mercy Plea from Special Delivery -(Halo 3:ODST)

A shortened version of Earth City - (Halo 2)

Leonidas from Delta Halo Suite - (Halo 2)

Login or register to download the attached file.

For Montage Apply Within

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Get W'rkt

Today on MyChemicalBromance's YouTube channel there's a new musical montage of multiplayer mayhem called Get W'rkt. It features footage from multiplayer games played by the Bungie.net group For Carnage Apply Within. Footage is included from this month's games in Marathon Infinity multiplayer using Aleph One, Myth II, and Halo Custom Edition on PC. Some nice stuff there, take a look-- and if you want to find some classic Bungie multiplayer games on the 'net, For Carnage Apply Within. Of course.

GameInformer Answers Its Own Question

For years now I've speculated that Bungie became independent from Microsoft in 2007 because the studio wanted to make games that weren't Halo but Microsoft wanted no part of that. This conclusion seemed (to me, anyway) to be strongly supported by the spinoff deal that set Bungie free in exchange (at least in part) for Microsoft keeping the Halo franchise. Any lingering doubts I'd suggest were expunged by Jason Jones in his last interview with Game Informer:

GI: Before Destiny, your team had been working on Halo for a long time. What prompted the move?

JJ: You already answered your own question.

There you have it. Incidentally, the interview has some other good information about Destiny, the difference between story and world-building, and other stuff. I'm waiting to see if they ask him about whether Destiny will have a Body Count... I mean, Slayer mode.

ASE Ep. 60: Seven Things

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Seven Things

Seven things in Halo that are the same (or better) in Marathon.

This podcast uses:

Aleph One, free and open source versions of Marathon for Windows, Mac and Linux at http://source.bungie.org

Garry's Mod, available from Steam.

Mark V[B] Spartan model for Garry's Mod by 017.

Halo M6G and SMG weapons by Residual Kat.

SCars Slim by Sakarias88, Scars Halo by Lucky9Two, and Russian cars by Denz.

Blood Fury's cinema tools.

Greenscreen Material by DasMatze.

Remixes of the Marathon soundtrack by Craig Hardgrove at http://themarathonmusic.com

For audio recording, we use Mumble:


Subscribe to the YouTube channel for Anger, Sadness and Envy video podcasts:


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Let's Play Marathon 2 starts this week!

Top 7 Destiny References

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Top 7 References In Destiny

Bungie fan Spurious Interrupt (MyChemicalBromance on YouTube) over in the Pfhorum posted a video of the top references to older Bungie games found so far in Destiny materials. Take a look!

What Halo's Ancient History Can Tell Us About Destiny

You can never truly know a game until you play it.
Seraph, from Matrix Reloaded

Okay, so I'm paraphrasing, but the point stands. Right now we don't know much about Destiny, but it might be pretty difficult to say we know anything at all. I'm starting to get a sort of pleasant feeling of deja vu, and wondering what it was we thought we knew about Halo when it was first revealed. Our first glance at the game back then was more substantial back in the summer of 1999, when Steve Jobs welcomed Jason Jones on stage to show Halo running live, in real time, using OpenGL, on a Macintosh. He then said it was coming out on PCs and Macs next year.

The rest is history.

Perhaps Bungie showed more of Halo back then than of Destiny now because they honestly thought they were closer to releasing Halo than they really were. Possibly they felt they had to generate some hype for the game. Despite being an award-winning cross-platform developer, it's hard to say that Bungie commanded the kind of attention before that game's release in the Macintosh gaming market that they have occupied in the console world ever since. Now, independent from Microsoft, without the need to serve the well being of the Xbox platform over and above all else, the players on Sony's platform may now be their thrall as well, and after that, who knows, perhaps those on Macs, Windows, and even Linux, iOS and Android. Bungie would appear to have big plans for Destiny.

It's not the first time Bungie's had big plans, though, and things have a way of taking on a life of their own. In particular, some of Bungie's plans for Destiny remind me of what I always guessed were Bungie's original plans for Halo...

Request: High Charity Suite 2


Hey, can you make a MIDI file for High Charity Suite 2? Thanks

Bungie Alums Resurface With Familiar-Looking Project

Bungie co-founder Alexander Seropian, who left Bungie after Halo 1 to found Wideload Games back in Chicago, has found himself a new gig: he's teaming up with another Bungie alum, Brent Pease of Oni fame, and Tim Harris, co-founder of Industrial Toys. They're making a mobile shooter called Morning Star, as well as an interactive comic as a companion piece called Morning Star Alpha.

The sample art for Morning Star Alpha, visible at the top of the Industrial Toys page, features a girl in a glowing purple outfit and wearing a Nintendo power glove, and a space marine in green armor.

I'm getting a certain feeling of deja vu...

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