A third-person, "full contact action" game from Bungie featuring martial arts moves and gunplay and an anime-like theme.

ASE Ep. 60: Seven Things

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Seven Things

Seven things in Halo that are the same (or better) in Marathon.

This podcast uses:

Aleph One, free and open source versions of Marathon for Windows, Mac and Linux at http://source.bungie.org

Garry's Mod, available from Steam.

Mark V[B] Spartan model for Garry's Mod by 017.

Halo M6G and SMG weapons by Residual Kat.

SCars Slim by Sakarias88, Scars Halo by Lucky9Two, and Russian cars by Denz.

Blood Fury's cinema tools.

Greenscreen Material by DasMatze.

Remixes of the Marathon soundtrack by Craig Hardgrove at http://themarathonmusic.com

For audio recording, we use Mumble:


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Let's Play Marathon 2 starts this week!

Bungie Alums Resurface With Familiar-Looking Project

Bungie co-founder Alexander Seropian, who left Bungie after Halo 1 to found Wideload Games back in Chicago, has found himself a new gig: he's teaming up with another Bungie alum, Brent Pease of Oni fame, and Tim Harris, co-founder of Industrial Toys. They're making a mobile shooter called Morning Star, as well as an interactive comic as a companion piece called Morning Star Alpha.

The sample art for Morning Star Alpha, visible at the top of the Industrial Toys page, features a girl in a glowing purple outfit and wearing a Nintendo power glove, and a space marine in green armor.

I'm getting a certain feeling of deja vu...

Let's Play Oni by Stratafyre Part 1

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Check out Stratafyre's playlist for the complete series.


Bungie announces Myth 2: Soulblighter, Oni

At E3 in 1998, a little over six months after shipping their first Myth game, Bungie announces the sequel.

At the same time, video from the Bungie West project is shown. The game they are working on is Oni, a third-persion action game incorporating martial arts and firearms, with an anime-like visual style and themes very similar to the film Ghost in the Shell.

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by Liquid Snake


by Gumby

I'm back!

by love_Oni

Who is the most toughest opponent for you?

by Gumby

Another Training Room Glitch

by Lugas

Oni's Scariest Moment

by Striker

Can anyone...

by nukeisgood

Request on I think is offical artwork.

by Muro

Oni Advice

by Liquid Snake

Favourite Gun

by Gumby

An Oni FAQ!

by Lugas

Oni Screenshots
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