Request - Halo 2 Last Spartan Sheet Music

Could anybody make or does anybody have the Halo 2 Last Spartan sheet music for the piano. I do not want the orchastral score that is so far avaliable, I want the sheet music just for the piano. If you have the sheet music, or you know where I could get it, please let me know, or send me an email because I'm not on this site too often. THX. halomcspartan-117@hotmail.com

How To Open Sheet Music Files

To open PrintMusic files, get the free FinaleNotepad program. Versions are available for Windows and Mac OS X. It opens PrintMusic files, as well as imports and exports MIDI.

To download the free program, the Finale website will require you to register a free account with them. Be sure to check the opt-in marketing settings at the bottom of the form if you don't want them to email you or give your contact information to their partners.

UPDATE: The free program for reading PrintMusic files is now Finale Reader.

A Brief History of Halo Livestream

See video
A Brief History of Halo Livestream

Playing some Reach Firefight and talking about old Halo games.

Talking about this article:


Anger, Sadness and Envy Ep. 27: Craig Hardgrove

Anger, Sadness & Envy Rev 3
Narcogen and Craig Hardgrove

In this episode of Anger, Sadness and Envy, Narcogen talks to Mars Science Laboratory planetary scientist Craig Hardgrove, fan of Bungie games and master remixer of the Marathon soundtrack about Marathon, Destiny, as well as Call of Duty and Bioshock Infinite. You can hear Hardgrove every week on the Guardian Radio podcast as well!

Show Notes:

  • Mars Curiosity Cameras
  • Remixing Marathon's Music
  • Hardgrove Interviews Alex Seropian
  • Music for Aleph One
  • Recreating Vintage MIDI Sound
  • Removing the Music: Marathon Sequels
  • Total Audio: Myth and Halo
  • Exploration vs Shooting
  • Terminals in Marathon and Halo
  • Exploration in Halo
  • Offtopic: Bioshock Infinite
  • Water on Mars

Music used in this episode:

Chomber by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove
Swirls by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove
Landing by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove
Siege of Madrigal by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori
Leela by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove
Flowers In Heaven by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove

Audio file: 
ASE Episde 27: Craig Hardgrove

Request: High Charity Suite 2


Hey, can you make a MIDI file for High Charity Suite 2? Thanks

Halo 4 Production Rates


I have heard many rumors about halo 4 recently, and I am new at Rampancy, so I decided to create my first blog over halo 4 and how popular it was. Honestly, halo is, (and always will be), my favorite game. All of my friends play halo 4, even though I have not due to my parents being strict on grades and I have been grounded for four weeks, (five more), and all them say it is awesome. I believe them. Yet I feel abandoned because I hear them say that call of duty is their favorite game. Even if I might be the only Halo fanatic left in my town, I still know all of them are going to stay true to the X-box 360 console, except for one of them... he was the only one who bought a PS3.... NOOB! Anyway... speaking of X-box and Halo 4... I have been wanting a new console recently and have been looking around and found a console bundle, (in case you didn't know), it is a GREAT deal. It is a bundle that includes A custom-designed halo 4 console with the standard halo 4 game, two custom halo 4 wireless controllers with blue LED lights, a 320gb hard drive, a wired headset, and exclusive DLC that gives you the fotus armor in-game, and for your X-box live avatar, (male and female), a Promethean rock-crawler pet, (also for your avatar), and an in-game emblem called unicorn. The game itself broke all records for any sales of any game in the world, any platform. What was even more incredible was the console bundle sales. It broke the record for ANY electronic product sold in stores in the U.S. Every store that sold X-box products were sold out of the product completely. X-box itself was sold out even of its wearhouse. As soon as I get word of the stores being restocked of the product, I will post on another blog page. Oh... almost forgot... the hard drive that comes in the bundle is the largest hard drive not even made separate. Yes it is the new slim console with built-in wifi. It costs 399.99 at Microsoft.com or X-box.com, but is only 349.97 at Wal-mart.com, (or in stores). Anyway, it is over a 800.00 dollar value at at least half the price. I was not hired to put this on my blog, I am not in any way a salesman or a sales tool used by a company to get publicity, I just simlpy wanted to share this info with whoever didn't know. you can simply look up this stuff on google.
Thank You,

Sheet music for Halo beholden track

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might have sheet music for the halo track beholden for the piano, I know it isn't a piano song but I can select a violin voice on my piano and I just think its a really nice yet simple bit of music. I can play the very first part by ear but I'm stuck so if anyone has it I would really appreciate it. You can hear it by obviously by listening to the track which is called beholden, but it is also the first track in halo epilogue vol 2 aswell. Thanks a lot.

Request - Havoc for Piano - Halo: Helljumper

I love the music from Halo: Helljumper. The trailer music - Havoc - was produced by Bassment Productions and I can't find sheet music for it anywhere (to my dismay) - Could someone mind helping out? :)Really love the community here at rampancy.net, hope someone interested transposes it for piano! Smiling

Thanks for reading!

[Non-Awesomed Version] Halo: FortressCraft Evolved Teaser

Halo FortressCraft Evolved Teaser

I think this has had four names now, but we finally settled on Halo: FortressCraft Evolved. Halo: FortressCraft Evolved Teaser was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Wars, © Microsoft Corporation.


Based off the beloved game Halo: Combat Evolved and set in 2552, this feature length film takes the story of Halo and puts it in a world more alien than Halo it's self. FortressCraft.

Halo Theme Tuba Solo?

Is there any one who can upload a Solo of the Halo theme for the tuba? It would very appreciated.


Sheet Music to Midi?

Hey Guys!
This is a midi request for (SHOCK) not halo music! (If this is against the rules can a mod please close this down after i get my midi files please?) there are 2 pieces i would like transcribed and i am uploading the sheet music to help you (Non Scanned PDF) they are from the composer Clint Mansell and the songs are called Death is the road to awe and together we will live forever.
if you can do this for me PM me with them when the are done and i will love you forever and will award you with a cookie! Smiling thank you all

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PS3 Halo


My friend used to think that the halo franchise would eventually come out for the PS3. i'm polling to see who thinks if it will come out for the PS3. a simple yes or no will suffice. i would also like facts if possible.

Halo Reach Deliver Hope Sheet Music

The sheet music from the Halo Reach:Live Action:Deliver Hope. Not exactly the same but still good. I uploaded to different types(not much of a difference), just use which ever on is easier to read. This is my first time putting together sheet music, so I apologize if it is poorly written. Please rate & comment.Thanks!Smiling

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Delvering hope sheet music


Hey guys I have managed to learn the music that plays in the Delivering Hope trailer by ear. I wish to transcribe which I can do by hand, but what I want to know is how do I make it into a Adobe reader PDF file. Would appericiate some help and if I get this transcribed there will be another great song from halo that everyone can play on piano Laughing out loud.

Request - Winter Contingency for Winds

i need winter contingency for wind ensemble. we have 3 flutes, 2 clarinets,3 saxophones, 2 trumpets,
1 baritone/trombone, one trombone, 3 tubas, and 5 percussionists. i would like all male voices as
the saxophones, female voices as flutes and clarinets, and harp as marimba. take your time on it, but
i would like it asap. it doesn't need to be Marty quality, just needs to sound like it.

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