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I know I said I wasn't really paying attention to Halo 4, but Gravemind always puts a lot of thought into his reviews, so go check out his review of Halo 4.

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I have heard many rumors about halo 4 recently, and I am new at Rampancy, so I decided to create my first blog over halo 4 and how popular it was. Honestly, halo is, (and always will be), my favorite game. All of my friends play halo 4, even though I have not due to my parents being strict on grades and I have been grounded for four weeks, (five more), and all them say it is awesome. I believe them. Yet I feel abandoned because I hear them say that call of duty is their favorite game. Even if I might be the only Halo fanatic left in my town, I still know all of them are going to stay true to the X-box 360 console, except for one of them... he was the only one who bought a PS3.... NOOB! Anyway... speaking of X-box and Halo 4... I have been wanting a new console recently and have been looking around and found a console bundle, (in case you didn't know), it is a GREAT deal. It is a bundle that includes A custom-designed halo 4 console with the standard halo 4 game, two custom halo 4 wireless controllers with blue LED lights, a 320gb hard drive, a wired headset, and exclusive DLC that gives you the fotus armor in-game, and for your X-box live avatar, (male and female), a Promethean rock-crawler pet, (also for your avatar), and an in-game emblem called unicorn. The game itself broke all records for any sales of any game in the world, any platform. What was even more incredible was the console bundle sales. It broke the record for ANY electronic product sold in stores in the U.S. Every store that sold X-box products were sold out of the product completely. X-box itself was sold out even of its wearhouse. As soon as I get word of the stores being restocked of the product, I will post on another blog page. Oh... almost forgot... the hard drive that comes in the bundle is the largest hard drive not even made separate. Yes it is the new slim console with built-in wifi. It costs 399.99 at or, but is only 349.97 at, (or in stores). Anyway, it is over a 800.00 dollar value at at least half the price. I was not hired to put this on my blog, I am not in any way a salesman or a sales tool used by a company to get publicity, I just simlpy wanted to share this info with whoever didn't know. you can simply look up this stuff on google.
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A Perspective On Marathon

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There's a nice retrospective on the Marathon series today over at Reg Hardware. Thanks to Louis Wu at HBO for the heads-up.

Slashdot: Reach 8/10 A Tough Act To Follow

Bungie really went all out to make this a game that gave players everything they could ask for. It stumbled a bit in the storytelling and the weapon design, but the heart of the game is in the multiplayer, and there they provided such a wealth of game modes, preferences, customizations and settings that even the most hardcore players will have difficulty running out of new ways to play.

The Escapist: 5/5

Everything in Halo: Reach feels like a love letter to the series and its fans - that is, the ones that aren't going to ignore the single-player and immediately jump into spending hours online with the multiplayer.

Halo: Reach User Reviews

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14 Sep 2010

The prequel to Bungie's award-winning Halo series, Reach tells the story of the fall of humanity's last offworld colony.

Wired: Enough of a Good Thing 8/10

WIRED Amazing multiplayer, new combat-oriented character customizations, killer space dogfights.
TIRED Weak plot and characters, feels similar to last year’s Halo.

Gameplanet: A Fitting Conclusion, 8.0/10

Halo: Reach is a collage of the best parts of the series, a tribute to ten years of development and its loyal followers. Halo: Reach is unlikely to win over any new fans to the franchise, but when your fanbase is as large as Halo’s, that’s a passing concern.

GamesRadar: 'Good' 7/10

Do you buy Halo mostly for the multiplayer? Then Reach is everything you'd want and expect from Bungie's final contribution to the franchise – perfectly polished familiarity with exactly the right amount of fresh features and bold risk-taking. If you're counting on an epic, sweeping and satisfying campaign story, however, you might want to keep waiting for Halo 4.

Worthplaying: Must-Have Multiplayer, 8.5/10

If multiplayer is your thing, it's a must-have title. If you're a hardcore Halo fan looking to flesh out the story and really just want more of the same, then pick it up. If you're looking for an innovative FPS that pushes boundaries and helps define the genre, though, you may want to look elsewhere.

Gamers Hell: Fully Realized, But Dated 8.5/10

As a Halo game it rivals the nostalgia Combat Evolved instilled in us nearly a decade ago due to fully realized online multiplayer components and customizability; as a shooter, however, it feels almost as dated in so much there's little separating the core experience from past iterations.

EuroGamer: Reach 'A Victory Lap' 9/10

Reach is an encore, a victory lap, a crowd-pleasing last hurrah for a series that most definitely won't end here, but will just as definitely never be the same again. Halo deserves another game this good, and Reach is a deserving tribute.

ActionTrip: Reach 9.0/10

Halo: Reach is a well-designed and intricate shooter experience; one of the best on the gaming scene today.

GameTrailers: 9.3/10

Few other games come close to its value and overall functionality. The gameplay tweaks are many and most hit the mark without sacrificing that Halo feeling.

Joystiq: Forget ODST, Remember Reach (5/5)

The Campaign is easily the series' best. Bungie has overcome the pacing flaws of past Halo games by not dragging out the familiar on-foot and vehicle shootouts. Firefight reminds us how much fun Halo can be when played together against the best AI in the business. Rest assured, with this fourth [wink] Halo game now ours, we should let Bungie leave the franchise in peace.

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