Slashdot: Reach 8/10 A Tough Act To Follow

Bungie really went all out to make this a game that gave players everything they could ask for. It stumbled a bit in the storytelling and the weapon design, but the heart of the game is in the multiplayer, and there they provided such a wealth of game modes, preferences, customizations and settings that even the most hardcore players will have difficulty running out of new ways to play.

The Escapist: 5/5

Everything in Halo: Reach feels like a love letter to the series and its fans - that is, the ones that aren't going to ignore the single-player and immediately jump into spending hours online with the multiplayer.

Bad Cyborg

Rockslider's Bad Cyborg site specializes in creating MegaBattle situtions in Bungie's Halo games, as well as assorted tips, tricks, and revelations.

Also home to the hilarious "Frontline with Suzie" series of interviews with famous characters from the Haloverse.

Marty Army Music

Fan music inspired by Marty O'Donnell's Halo scores.

The Ventcore

The ventcore is created to archive the missing links in Bungie's history that are almost impossible to find, own, or even download anymore.

Hypertextuality of Marathon

Examination of Bungie's Marathon Trilogy as a work of hypertext.

Destiny Official Site

Destiny ARG

Destiny (Wikipedia)


Psyjnir Complex (Web Archive)


Myth Graveyard


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