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Roll Call - Price Paid


The beautiful piano part to the ending of the Halo 3 OST from the song Roll Call. Ignore the elevated note ties on measure 37, Finale
just decided to save it like that.

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Behold A Pale Horse For Concert Band & More!!


So this has Behold A Pale Horse, Reconciled, Wage, and Leonidas.

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Farthest Outpost/Mercy Plea/Earth City/Leonidas for Concert Band


Farthest Outpost from Roll Call- (Halo 3)

Mercy Plea from Special Delivery -(Halo 3:ODST)

A shortened version of Earth City - (Halo 2)

Leonidas from Delta Halo Suite - (Halo 2)

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Finale Concert Band


This is an arrangement I did of Finale for the concert band. Enjoy!

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Difference for Darkness Piano and Tenor Sax Sheet Music


Arrangement of Rain for Piano and Tenor Sax by me.

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Action Figure Hands For Piano

This is Action Figure Hands from Halo Wars OST.

The .rar file contains a .midi and a .pdf.

Arranged by Mortenkul at yourube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLrh9NUFeD4

He improvised in the video, but the imrpovised chords are not in the sheets.

If you have problems opening the .rar file, just post a comment.

Difficulty for the average pianist is 3/10

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Ark Suite for Full Orchestra

NOTICE; I am still in process of writing/arranging this piece, I will have it up in possibly a week please be patient. Smiling
So after a few months of inactivity, I might as well submit a score I have been making for quite sometime. This is the Halo 3; Ark suite for full orchestra. The suite is a multi - movement piece I have created for well; full orchestra. Smiling enjoy~
Durration; 7 minutes
Difficulty; 5
Farthest Outpost
Make them Pay
Behold, A Pale white horse

Flute I/II
Oboe I/II
Clarinet I/II
Bassoon I/II
Trumpet I/II
Tenor Trombone I/II
Bass Trombone
Full SATB Choir
Percussion (Tom-toms,Cymbals,Orchestral Chimes)
Drum Kit (first Movement only)
Violin I
Violin II

Halo: Waypoint Theme (Work Burns And Runaway Grunts)

A transcription of the song played on the 'Press Start' screen on Halo: Waypoint. The song is a remix of the track 'Work Burns and Runaway Grunts' from Halo Wars.

ZIP file contains:
- MuseScore file
- MIDI file
- PDF file

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Leonidas Returns for String Orchestra,SA Choir and Brass

I am back! Laughing out loud and as my first piece that I would like to put up is the full score of Leonidas Returns from Halo 3. Smiling
Tips - have at least 15 sopranos and altos together. 8 Altos and 7 sopranos. have 2 trumpets and trombones so the main melody at bar 40 can be heard. The key changes and the Tempo is 84 for quarter note. there are also alot of time changes, 3/4, 5/8 , and 4/4 time.

I'll have the individual parts in soon and the Mp3 as well Smiling

The program I use is Musescore. It is a very nice program. You have almost all of the instruments from around the world, It has a very close sound to all of the instruments. It's free of download and it works on Macs and PCs Smiling.

Trumpet in C
Violin 1
Violin 2
( Have at least 20 violins,8 violas,8 cellos and 4 contrabasses, just a recommendation Smiling )
Difficulty - Grade 5
Duration - about 2:30 minutes
Enjoy! Laughing out loud

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Finish the Fight - Mv. II This is the Hour for Concert band


I have noticed that my last blog did not have the sheet music. So I have created this new blog. Laughing out loud
Flute I & II
Oboe I & II
Clarinet I - III
Bass Clarinet I & II
Bassoon I & II
Soprano Saxophone (E-mail Me for the Part at JJBRMusic@Gmail.com)
Alto Saxophone I & II
Tenor Saxophone I & II
Baritone Saxophone I & II
Horn I - III
Trumpet I - III
Tenor Trombone I & II
Bass Trombone
Euphonium I & II
Tuba I & II
Timpani (both Chimes and Timpani have the same sheet)
Tom Tom I & II
Bass and Snare Drum.
Errata -
In the 3 measure for Bass Trombone, there is a low A, They may wish to play that a octave Higher.
Tenor Trombone I measure 16 - Octave higher till measure 24.
For Tom toms, use on set of large and on set of small ones. for the C Natural, use lower tom and D for high tom on Tom-tom I. Same with Tom Tom II, the F = lower Tom, G = high tom.
Euphonium I - mesure 21, there is a octave for That player, the have the options to play on or the other octave.
Difficulty: 6+
Duration: 1:12 minutes.

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X-06 halo wars full score

this is a rough copy of the start of x-06 from the halo wars DVD extras soundtrack tell me what you think and how i can improve it

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Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone.

Haha!! I finally did it! Took me long enough, But I did it, So here it is; Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone. Some side notes to keep in mind, (somewhat) The Viola part is In treble Clef so you Violas may need to learn (or already have) Treble cleft or have People on the part as Violin III. There are 4 Cello parts. Cello I gets the Melody at certain points. and Also where there are triplets, I added so notes scaling up to the G. Cello II and III get the running 16th notes at measure 12. Cello IV Has the Bass Line, Playing Simple octaves and playing along side the Countrabass. I used Garage band on My mac. The song is in 4/4 time all the way and is in the key of A flat though out the song. I do not have the MP3, I can not attach it to the blog so email me if you would like it. The Piano part may serve as a score but it does not have everything in it, it has most of it but not all, so keep that in mind. Credit for having all the notes goes to Benjamin Bergem. Thank you so very much for providing the tablature. Smiling)

Difficulty: 3
Violin I
Violin II
Violin III (or Viola in Treble cleft)
Cello I
Cello II
Cello III
Cello IV
Alto Saxophone.
P.S. If you play a B flat Saxophone (I.E. Tenor Sax or Soprano ECT.) Email me if you would like a part for that particular Instrument.
Duration : 3:07 Minutes long.

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Request - Halo wars X-06

hi i was wondering could anyone to the song X-06 from the halo wars DVD extras album.

Request - Halo 3 ODST Rain for string orchestra + alto saxophone

If anybody can transcribe the Halo 3 ODST Rain in String Orchestra and Alto Saxophone, it'll be very good to play it in orchestral. Thx. Smiling

Request - Score for Lone Wolf for an orchestra

like the title says, also one of these for Farthest Outpost would be helpful.


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