Leonidas Returns for String Orchestra,SA Choir and Brass

I am back! Laughing out loud and as my first piece that I would like to put up is the full score of Leonidas Returns from Halo 3. Smiling
Tips - have at least 15 sopranos and altos together. 8 Altos and 7 sopranos. have 2 trumpets and trombones so the main melody at bar 40 can be heard. The key changes and the Tempo is 84 for quarter note. there are also alot of time changes, 3/4, 5/8 , and 4/4 time.

I'll have the individual parts in soon and the Mp3 as well Smiling

The program I use is Musescore. It is a very nice program. You have almost all of the instruments from around the world, It has a very close sound to all of the instruments. It's free of download and it works on Macs and PCs Smiling.

Trumpet in C
Violin 1
Violin 2
( Have at least 20 violins,8 violas,8 cellos and 4 contrabasses, just a recommendation Smiling )
Difficulty - Grade 5
Duration - about 2:30 minutes
Enjoy! Laughing out loud

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