Salvatori To Continue Composing For Bungie

Fans of previous Bungie franchises like Halo and Myth were surprised earlier this year by the termination of the employment of composer Martin O'Donnell as the studio's Audio Department director, and the subsequent lawsuit he brought against the studio's president, Harold Ryan, for unpaid vacation and penalties. That lawsuit was recently settled.

What remained unresolved was the musical future of Bungie's newest franchise, Destiny, the soundtrack for which was the product of O'Donnell and longtime collaborator Michael Salvatori. The two worked together at Bungie on the soundtrack for five Halo games, and before joining Bungie also did the soundtrack for Bungie's RTS series, Myth, as Total Audio.

No official statement came either from Bungie or from O'Donnell regarding Salvatori. Fans wondered whether he would remain at Bungie and continue working on Destiny, or would he also depart, perhaps to join O'Donnell on some new project.

Contacted through his official website, his representative Lisa Ramirez responded to our inquiry about Salvatori's plans:

Finale Concert Band


This is an arrangement I did of Finale for the concert band. Enjoy!

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Law of the Jungle from Destiny by Akmigone

See video
Law of the Jungle from Destiny by A

Destiny "Awakening" Piano Cover By Akmigone

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Awakening Piano Cover

YouTube user Akmigone does a number of piano covers of video game music. The latest is the track "Awakening" from Destiny!

Destiny Fans Being Brave

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Be Brave Remake in Reaper

nRGmusicproduction recreated the Destiny track "Be Brave" by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, used in the PS4 reveal video, completely by ear. Go have a listen!


This short musical piece by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, entitled "Eighth" was one of the promotional assets used as a reward at the conclusion of the Alpha Lupi ARG to tease the reveal of Bungie's new property, Destiny.

Audio file: 

Siege of Madrigal in Halo

See video
Halo: Anniversary - Siege of Madrig

DevinOlsen confirms that the old Myth easter egg in Halo-- that a certain point outside the control room will play the track "Siege of Madrigal" still exists in the Anniversary edition of the game.

Behold an Unknown Horse - The Music of Halo 4

A speculative article about the music of the upcoming video game Halo 4. Includes information about the game's new composer, Sotaro Tojima.

Request - Ashes (Halo: Reach)

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could transcribe the piano from the song "Ashes" from the Halo reach OST.

Music is here:

Sprit Of Fire Request

Can someone please transcribe the song Spirit of Fire into a Piano score?

Thank you

ADMIN UPDATE: Since this request is filled I'm moving the request out of the Sheet Music DB.

Follow - piano/keyboard

Hey, does anyone know where I can get some sheet music for "Follow" on the keyboard?

Any help appreciated

Sheet Music For Sale

According to Marty O'Donnell (and he should know) you can finally buy 100% official Halo sheet music, starting with One Final Effort from Halo 3.

Thanks Louis Wu at HBO.

Finish The Fight For Guitar

If you've ever went to Video Games Live, you know that Tommy Talarico plays the music from the Halo 3 Announcement Trailer on guitar. If anyone could write up som sheet music and make an .mp3, that would be great. I would highly appriciate it.

Halo 3 Soundtrack iTunes Track Listing

Picture 1.jpg

Track listing of Halo 3 soundtrack, as bought from iTunes Store (US).


never mind my last blog this sunday (4-20-08) im going to star writing luck for piano

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