Marathon Trilogy For iPad Now Free

Marathon for iOS controls

TouchArcade has a story noting that Daniel Blezek's ports of the Marathon games (Marathon 1 and Marathon 2: Durandal by Bungie, and Marathon: Infinity by Double Aught) are available on iOS for free.

Anger, Sadness and Envy Ep. 23: Halo Anniversary

Anger, Sadness & Envy Rev 3

Narcogen, Blackstar and Cody Miller take a break from looking at the levels of Halo: Reach to discuss 343 Industries' recent announcement of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, a high definition re-issue of the first Halo game, scheduled for release in November of 2011 in time for the ten year anniversary of the first game's release.

Audio file: 
ASE Episode 23 Halo Anniversary Part 1

Everybody Loves Free Zombies

Stubbs Hungry! Stubbs Smash!

WorthPlaying notes that the coupon code ASPYRTHANKS can be used at GameAgent to reduce the price of Wideload Games' Stubbs the Zombie from $10 to free. Sweet!

Videogames Beat DVDs... Except, Not Really

The gaming and tech press are all aflutter with the news that videogames beat DVDs... except they don't, at least, not in all the areas that matter.

The data that lead to the "games beats movies" conclusion, much like the one-day comparisons of game blockbusters like Halo 3 to the one-day takes of top films like Dark Knight, are revenue, rather than unit sales figures. They've taken the 2008 revenue for "packaged media" that includes games and DVD movies (including HD on Blu-Ray) and divided it into "games" and "DVD/Blu-Ray".

While the total increased, the share of DVD/Blu-Ray declined and the figure for games increased.

Sheet Music For Sale

According to Marty O'Donnell (and he should know) you can finally buy 100% official Halo sheet music, starting with One Final Effort from Halo 3.

Thanks Louis Wu at HBO.

Stubbs Now Five Bucks From Steam

stubbs screen005

Wideload's Halo-engine zombie game, Stubbs the Zombie, is available for the PC for only five bucks now from Steam. Thanks GameFocus for the heads-up.

Marathon: Durandal DLC Back Online

Marathon 2 Logo

Hippieman sent me a message on XBL a couple days ago.. the two downloadable netmap packs for Marathon:Durandal, the XBLA version of Bungie's classic Mac and PC scifi shooter, the grand-daddy of Halo, are now online in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Hail To The Chimp Ships

Hail to the Chimp Logo

Monsters and Critics is reporting that Wideload Games' sophomore effort (at least, its second full-length offering) is now shipping: Hail to the Chimp is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Shack Says Chimp Slips Slightly

Hail to the Chimp Logo

ShackNews is reporting that Wideload Games' Hail to the Chimp, originally announced for a May release, is slightly delayed until June 24 so that some final finishing touches can be put on the game. Chimp is to be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and is priced at an affordable $40.

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More Than Half Of US 360 Owners Have Halo 3

It shouldn't come as much surprise, but if someone owns an Xbox 360, odds are they'll also pick up Halo 3. So far 52 percent of the US installed base owns the game, according to GameDaily BIZ.

Download Halo From Xbox Originals

Along with the Xbox 360 dashboard update due out on December 4, you can pick up classic original Xbox games through Xbox Originals. 1200 MS points will grab you games like Fable, Psychonauts, or even Halo.

Note to potential purchasers: while what, if any, Xbox Live features have been added to these games are as yet unknown, HBO's Louis Wu has it on good authority that Halo 1 will not be getting Live multiplayer, so don't get your hopes up for that.

Blue Filters In Stock

The Bungie Store has got the blue filter you can use with Halo 3's video calibrator in stock now. For a limited time, it's free with any other order!

Limited Edition, Limited Warranty

If your Halo 3 disc was scratched in the box, Microsoft will replace it. However, you only have until the end of this year.

Aren't You A Little Short For A Spartan?

Stealing Halo 3

The Master Chief teabags a PlayStation 3 and steals Halo 3 in this Gamebrink video linked over at Kotaku.

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