Myth II 1.8.0 Beta Announced

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Project Magma has announced a public beta of the first major new revision to the Myth II engine in three years: version 1.8.0. If you're the adventurous kind, and already have 1.7.2 installed, head on over to The Tain and pick up the beta version to test.

Beta 2 of Myth II 1.7.2 Posted

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The Tain has posted Myth II 1.7.2b2 in several flavors: Windows, Mac Universal, and Mac PowerPC. It's not an installer, just the application itself, so you need to have Myth II 1.7.1 already installed. For the terminally curious, there's a changelog.

Halo Reach Birth of a Spartan

Birth of a Spartan is not coming along so well. I have had a few technical difficulties with Finale and have finally fixed a few problems only to realize that this song is very hard to put into sheet music. I cant seem to find a way to get it to sound right. I have the entire song figured out till the end from what I believe to be the correct notes but I am kind of stuck putting the part where Carter is about to recieve his augmentations into shet music. I havent found a way to put that part on Finale yet but in time it will happen.

Keep looking at this blog for updates on how it is working out and maybe even an estimated time of arrival. Leave a comment or email me if you think you can help or have any suggestions. When the sheet music is finally here I will move this blog into the sheet music section.

UPDATE: Ironically after I posted this I found out the perfect way to put it in sheet music! Now I am at the part where Carter's eyes turn blue. Once again if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment. If you would like to help me out with Finale leave a comment asking me and I will send you the file via email.

Current Status: On Hiatus (download midi to see where im currently at)
Projected files: mus, midi, pdf

Login or register to download the attached file.

ODST Google Earth Map Updated


Now that I've actually gotten my hands on the game, I've been able to add some more data to that Google Earth Network Layer for Halo 3: ODST.

Each of the 29 audio locations in the Mombasa Streets level are labeled. So far there's no additional information (screenshots, descriptions) but I will add that as I go through on my next playthrough.

I've also added the mission beacons, the supply caches, some landmarks and some of the health pack locations, although these are not exhaustively listed yet. The city streets can get to looking like a twisty maze of little passages, all alike, at times, which is why I'm trying to include notable landmarks like wrecked Oliphants, crashed Banshees, drone wreckage, and other items that might make it easier to tell one place from another.

Again, in Google Earth, choose "Network Link" from the Add menu and insert this URL: http://rampancy.net/sites/rampancy.net/files/mombassa_odst.kml and when you launch Google Earth you'll get the latest updates to this layer.

If you have additions or changes, put the new or modified items in your own KML file and mail them to me at narcogen@rampancy.net and I'll include them in the network layer.

Aleph One Update Gets Lua, HUD enhancements

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If you're looking to get your Marathon on and you don't have the XBLA port, the open source project Aleph One is still going strong. The latest update makes changes to the Lua scripting engine and adds HUD enhancements similar to the one in the XBLA version.

Aleph One runs on Macs, Linux, oh, and Windows, too.

Myth II Patch 1.70

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The Bungie.net group For Carnage Apply Within, which plays classic Bungie games Marathon and Myth every week, notes that Project Magma has released version 1.70 of Myth II. Some info about the patch:

Myth II runs better than ever with accelerated hardware rendering on both Windows XP and Mac OS X platforms, while keeping support for the hardware it was originally designed for. Overall game responsiveness has been improved, and many old causes of crashing and out-of-sync gameplay have been eliminated. Dozens of annoying bugs and oddities have been fixed, making this update the most stable ever - rendering the Myth experience that much more enjoyable.

Be sure to get the patch if you want to join For Carnage Apply Within for its Myth games this month.

A Very Marathon Christmas

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Still ten shopping days left, but Aleph One has left all the old school fans a present to open early: a new version of the open source Marathon engine for playing Marathon 1, Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity and third-party scenarios on PCs, Macs, and Linux computers.

Halo 3: Recon

Halo 3: Recon is the new game Bungie is going to release in Fall 09. It takes place after The Battle of New Mombasa when the covenant goes through a slip-space portal and destroys the whole city. So it's pretty much like a Halo 2 1/2 You play as an ODST (Hell Jumper). If you want to see the trailer go to Bungie.net. Any comments please post and my answers to questions are limited. Thank You.

New Version Of Aleph One Posted

From source.bungie.org:

This is a minor feature release of Aleph One, which includes Windows improvements and support for the Unimap 2 format. It is network compatible with Aleph One 0.20.x

Go get it.

Pirates Of Catan

David Bowman, Design Lead at Certain Affinity, dishes on the Age of Booty blog about their upcoming pirate-themed XBLA game of the same name (previously called Plunder) and some of its influences, including Settlers of Catan.

There is no release date yet, but the game is speculatively expected out in the second half of this year.

Marathon: Durandal DLC Back Online

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Hippieman sent me a message on XBL a couple days ago.. the two downloadable netmap packs for Marathon:Durandal, the XBLA version of Bungie's classic Mac and PC scifi shooter, the grand-daddy of Halo, are now online in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Aleph One Bug Fix Release

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Version 0.20.2 of Aleph One, the open source engine for playing Marathon games on MacOS, Windows and Linux, has been released.

Aleph One Bugfix Posted

A new version of Aleph One, the open source engine for playing Marathon, is available. It fixes a few bugs and all current players are urged to update.

First Halo 3 Auto Update Any Minute Now

Frankie has posted at Bungie.net that the long awaited AU1 for Halo 3 should be online in the "wee hours" on Wednesday, which is pretty much right now.

Halo 3 Update To 'Fix' Melee Contests

Mister Chief pastel on canvas by Frankie

In this week's Bungie Weekly Update, Tyson "Ferrex" Green gives an exhaustive explanation of how Halo 2's melee system worked, how Bungie addressed its flaws in changing the design for Halo 3, how that design change led to complaints from the the playerbase, and how the Halo 3 Auto Update, due out later this month, will address those concerns.

Bottom line would seem to mean more simultaneous kills, and fewer situations in which the outcome of a near-simultaneous melee contest seems random:

For those of you uninterested in the precise details, the upshot is this: if you close for a melee attack and are at a clear advantage (or disadvantage), the outcome will be clear. If the outcome is unclear, too close to call, you will likely trade kills with your victim. But you should no longer watch your opponent saunter away for no clear reason (and if you do, check the film—it tells all.)

The update is chock full of other technical discussions of things like the Commando shoulders bug, cheating, host migration, and the like.
In particular I found the spread of hit points for the Halo player-- 45 for the body and 70 for the shield-- to be interesting.

I had always thought that since the elimination of the health bar and health packs after Halo 1 that far more hit points were on the shield than the body, but the difference here is less than 100%. And they recharge, too, which I was never sure of.

There's also a Mister Chief masterpiece made to benefit charity. Even if you stopped reading the BWU because Halo 3 came out, you'll want to read this one.

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