What I've Learned About Blogs

By looking at the amount of reads on blogs posted before Narcogen's most recent blogs versus the amount of reads on those authored after, one can see that if you wish one's blog to be read, one should release it following one of Narcogen's.(Wow, that was a long sentence.)

Hoping to get the word out about this:


Sierra 117.PNG

I am currently trying my hardest to extract maps out of the Prima guides, but they have watermarks. So i then removed the watermarks, with no luck. So now i createda character that i thought was pretty good, um with a history that expands 30 years, as a flash clone.

4 player Clan

I would like to make a new 4 player halo 3 clan. Just post your name here, and I will think about accepting you. It doen't matter what rank you are, a long a your at least kind of good at halo 3. My gamertag is philh4x0r and add me if you want to join the clan.

When you join, for a fee of 1600 microoft points I will get you recon armor.

i'm an old fogey!

Hello to anyone who stumbles upon my profile here.
Appearantly, four years ago, I needed some sheet music, so I created an account!
To my dismay, when I needed more, the username I use was taken! *gasp*
Luckily, I was the one who took said username so long ago. login complete! Thats my story.

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COD4 Back On Top Again

Xbox Live

According to Major Nelson's blog, Halo 3 and COD4 have done the top ten topsy-turvy trick again. Call of Duty 4 is on top (for the moment) and Halo 3 is playing second fiddle.

Marathon: Durandal DLC Back Online

Marathon 2 Logo

Hippieman sent me a message on XBL a couple days ago.. the two downloadable netmap packs for Marathon:Durandal, the XBLA version of Bungie's classic Mac and PC scifi shooter, the grand-daddy of Halo, are now online in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Halo 3 Back On Top

Well, it's been awhile since COD4 and Halo 3 did the flip-flop on Major Nelson's ranking of top games on Xbox Live, but it's happened again: Halo 3 is number one, and COD4 is number two. Again.

How long that lasts is anybody's guess; perhaps the two games will get back on the seesaw. Until something else comes along to unseat them again (however temporarily-- the only game on the horizon I see that can do this is Gears of War 2) the determining factor on a week to week basis might become DLC.

Play Chimp With Wideload

Hail to the Chimp Cover Art

From 5:00 to 7:00 PM Eastern next Friday, July 11, you can play Hail to the Chimp online with the developers, Wideload Games.

The play session will include Bungie alums Alex "The Man" Seropian, Matt Segur, and Doug Zartman.

Oddball Testing, One, Two... Three?

Halo 3 Logo

This week's Double XP weekend features twelve players, four teams, and three balls. Check it out!

Chimp Demo Debuts On PSN

Hail to the Chimp Logo

The PlayStation Network may have its work cut for it catching up to the onlin gaming experience offered by Xbox Live, but Crackers the chimp is lending a hand with the demo of Hail to the Chimp, the party game from Wideload, now available on the service.

Narcogen, Need more info, Man!

Hey Narcogen,

I am greatfull for all your insights and comments to a new person like me, but in most of them , theres not enough information. E.g. On my rumors blog, about the golden warthog and stuff, you only answerd with little things like theres no golden warhog or yellow banshee. I am the type of person who owns canpaign, and gets bored quikly, so i search the web for cheats,secrets,easter eggs and rumors. So as you can see, i am very intrested in all these rumors and i would like it alot more if you could slow down and take more time with these. Now i relise that you have more important things to do than comment on my blogs, but i put them up for a reason, and i go through alot of detail to bring other interested people, simple,easy and detailed steps to do things that they would like.Now on a diffrent note, i never got to play Halo2 online, which i am dissapointed about, so couldnt get caught with mods and alterd saves, but you said very rudely, that Neither Bungie Nor Rampancy were intrested about fans with mods, when, i dont have a mod, i legally own, or hire games and respect companies that put there money and time into games for the genrel public. Also, my friend is the type of person who would play 1 level repetantly. Like on campaign, he always like, OH I WANNA PLAY METREOPPOLIS, YEAH, THAT ONE DOOD!!. So i dont like you saying that about him or I.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

Holy 5hit, over 350, G0ddam

Holy 5hit all,

I was just going through my blogs and i was amazed to fing, after being a member for only 2-3 weeks, i foung all up my blogs have been read over 350 reads, holy crap halo fans!!

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

How do u??

Hey every1,

How do ya submit comments and posts, i wanna submit some cool shit but it wont let me, wen i click my subjects and then submit, it wont let me type anything, its gettin freakin annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!

camerons blog

i got this so i could get sheet music for my cello. anyone know where i can get halo suite music for only cello?

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