The as-yet unnammed, and undescribed Halo project being developed by Wingnut Interactive and Bungie Studios.

[Non-Awesomed Version] Halo: FortressCraft Evolved Teaser

Halo FortressCraft Evolved Teaser

I think this has had four names now, but we finally settled on Halo: FortressCraft Evolved. Halo: FortressCraft Evolved Teaser was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo Wars, © Microsoft Corporation.

Based off the beloved game Halo: Combat Evolved and set in 2552, this feature length film takes the story of Halo and puts it in a world more alien than Halo it's self. FortressCraft.

Holy 5hit, over 350, G0ddam

Holy 5hit all,

I was just going through my blogs and i was amazed to fing, after being a member for only 2-3 weeks, i foung all up my blogs have been read over 350 reads, holy crap halo fans!!

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

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Well, guess what! I'm back!

Well, this is the first time I've registered on the site, I've been here many a time, but I finally registered... So, yeah... Here I am.

Halo: Fall Of The Flood

I made this animation using halo figurines and just thought i'd let some people know, its on youtube at this link:

It's called Halo: Fall Of The Flood

Thanks, Ben.

Welcome Back!!!

Hey everybody!!! It's good to be back!!! I know I've been gone a while due to certain things. But I am back now and hope to find any new halo 3 news.


Hi peoples. I am really happy right now because of everything I've been able to do. Because of e-mail I made a new friend, and that is Spartan 182. I am not going to say anymore because he might not want me to. And now I'm emailing Narcogen the pics that I wanted to submit to the picture galleries of this site. Finally, I have been able to do everything I wanted to do.

I do have a few things I need to change, like my name on videogames to Spartan 001. I decided that it is going to be my name on everything. On Halo and Halo 2 for my Xbox are the main things that I need to change it on, but there are a couple of other games that I want to change to the same name.

This is a great site, I think, much better than Myspace. I think that Myspace is just a waste of time. All it is is a place online where you can hookup with a girl, but that just means you're to much of a loser to get one in real life. With Christmas, I am so happy because I think that I am going to get an iPod, probably a 30 gig. And also probably the 4th Halo book.

I am also really glad that Spartan 182 put up a PDF file for his transcription of the Halo 3 Piano solo. Which is awesome, by the way. I can't wait until Halo 3 comes out because of how good it is going to be. Even if it is the last in this storyline, I am positive that in a couple of years Bungie is gonna start making more Halo games. They may not be set in the same time period, but I bet that they will make games on the forerunners and the original forming of the covenant.

That is all I can think of for now, so I am going to end my blog here.

News Roundup For October 5

A few more articles continue to pop up about the new Halo universe works being done by Wingnut Interactive and Ensemble Studios:

News Roundup For October 2

Not a lot of new information there, although the Money Times article does reiterate that Jackson's Halo games will be separte from both the Halo film and Halo 3.

In With The New... And Push The Old Stuff Over A Bit

To cope with all the new things we're tracking now, we've made some additions to the site. There is now a Halo Wars image gallery and a mirror of the QuickTime version of the Halo Wars trailer; this is a mirror of the same file provided at HBO and re-encoded by Louis Wu.

The image gallery has the five official images from the website, as well as a series of 17 screen captures from the QuickTime trailer.

There are also keyword tags for Ensemble Studios, for Halo Wars, for Wingnut Interactive and for their upcoming series of Halo games, which for the moment we are codenaming BLAM because no title has been announced.

The Features menu in the left sidebar has a new widget for Ensemble, and this is where the Halo Wars content will live. If you've got javascript enabled, each of the hierarchical menus with a triangle sign can be open or closed without reloading the page by clicking the triangle.

Halo Newsfest Link Roundup

Bungie Makes It Official

Since real Bungie fans don't trust a word that is said about the Halo franchise, or indeed any Bungie game, unless it comes straight from Bungie, KP has now posted at to give the official imprimatur to the heretofore scurrilous rumors spread in Spain by Peter Moore and Peter Jackson.

To wit:

  • Ensemble Studios is making Halo Wars, an RTS game for the Xbox 360.
  • Wingnut Interactive is working with Bungie on an as-yet unrevealed Halo project.

The latter is being referred to as a "new chapter" in the Halo series; no doubt this prevents any conflict with the idea that Halo 3 will be the "end" of the Halo story, as it will only end that particular story arc. Where or when these new games take place isn't yet known.

In addition to the projects mentioned above, Wingnut is also working on original intellectual property.

Impact Of A Movie, Interactivity Of A Game

Peter Jackson has just been on stage with Peter Moore to announce the formation of Wingnut Interactive.

I really believe that there is a new form of entertainment that is not a film and is not a game. I am not a game designer. But what I am really interested in is in the idea of taking games and stories that could be films, but might not be films.

According to Jackson, the games this new studio will be working on are not going to be traditional games, but new "blends" of entertainment with the emotional impact of a film and the interactivity of a game.

Moore says that Jackson is working with Microsoft beyond just the Halo movie, and "Bungie is working on content beyond Halo 3".

Moore closes the Wingnut Interactive segment with a bullet list, indentifying Wingnut with a new Halo series produced by Bungie and Wingnut, and a new, original property to be developed by Jackson and Fran Walsh.

Wingnut Forms Game Studio

1Up is reporting that Peter Jackson and Microsoft are forming a new games studio, Wingnut Interactive. The announcement cites Jackson's involvement in Halo 3 and a future Microsoft title.

UPDATE: 1Up has added some details to this item, fleshing out Jackson's involvement. It no longer mentions Halo 3 specifically, but does say:

But perhaps more importantly, Microsoft revealed that Peter Jackson will co-write, co-design and co-produce a completely new and original chapter in the Halo universe in collaboration with Bungie Studios. He will also work future title based on an original property from Microsoft.

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