halo wars

Halo Wars, the real-time strategy game in development for Xbox 360 and PC platforms by Ensemble Studios and Bungie Studios.

Action Figure Hands For Piano

This is Action Figure Hands from Halo Wars OST.

The .rar file contains a .midi and a .pdf.

Arranged by Mortenkul at yourube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLrh9NUFeD4

He improvised in the video, but the imrpovised chords are not in the sheets.

If you have problems opening the .rar file, just post a comment.

Difficulty for the average pianist is 3/10

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Halo: Waypoint Theme (Work Burns And Runaway Grunts)

A transcription of the song played on the 'Press Start' screen on Halo: Waypoint. The song is a remix of the track 'Work Burns and Runaway Grunts' from Halo Wars.

ZIP file contains:
- MuseScore file
- MIDI file
- PDF file

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Request Through Your Hoops.

Well i already know how to playthis song.Just need someone to transcribe it.
Heres the sketch:

NOw i need someone that can transcribe it.If yes leave your email so i can send you the notes without my touch n the song.

Halo wars main song request for trumpet

I am a junior in high school and i would like to do something with halo for a solo or even a group. I am a trumpet player and i would prefer the main song of halo wars (the one that plays while your in the main menu) If you could get that it would be great

X-06 halo wars full score

this is a rough copy of the start of x-06 from the halo wars DVD extras soundtrack tell me what you think and how i can improve it

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Request - Halo wars X-06

hi i was wondering could anyone to the song X-06 from the halo wars DVD extras album.

Bad Day Here and Action Figure Hands sheet music

I kinda wanted to learn how to play Bad Day Here and Action FIgure Hands from the halo wars soundtrackon the piano. Can anyone create sheet music for it? much appreciated

Request - "Insignificantia"

I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind making the sheet music to "Insignificantia" from Halo Wars.

Spirit of Fire (Piano)

This transcription is not mine, mainly for those who really want it. Are we allowed to post other people's sheet music here?

(reply to yup987): here you go, sorry it took so long.

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Sprit Of Fire Request

Can someone please transcribe the song Spirit of Fire into a Piano score?

Thank you

ADMIN UPDATE: Since this request is filled I'm moving the request out of the Sheet Music DB.

Just Ad Nauseam

Action music from Halo Wars which can be heard during epic battles and attacking enemy bases, composed by Stephen Rippy. Easy to play.

This is a very easy transcription since it's very hard to transcribe with so much percussion and effects like this song. However, I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Spong Likes Halo Wars, Too

Another mostly positive review for Halo Wars up at Spong:

I still enjoyed Halo Wars. I even enjoyed the cut-scenes that powered the single-player's short, 15 episode (mission) game along. The simple reason for my enjoyment is that Ensemble Studios (rest its soul) has produced an intelligent game that can be slipped into with or without an in-depth knowledge of what preceded it. It can, in fact, be slipped into without much previous knowledge of RTS games.

Check out the complete text.

Slashdot Posts Positive Halo Wars Review

Soulskill has posted a review of Halo Wars over at Slashdot. Generally his opinion was positive. He sums up the game thusly:

Ensemble succeeded quite well at establishing a control system that is powerful yet doesn't fight for intellectual real estate with the actual playing of the game. It's not a ground-breaking new entry into the real-time strategy genre, but, in a manner similar to the first Halo shooter, it demonstrates how well this genre can work on consoles. And it does well by the Halo franchise in the process.

Check Slashdot for the complete review and discussion.

Thoughts on Halo Wars

My opinions and views on Halo Wars have, for the past couple weeks, been changing as often as my pants - once every few days - as new material comes out. As of right now, though, my enthusiasm, while still present, has reached its lowest point yet on its long descent from pre-E3 2007.

Originally, I was thrilled about Halo Wars. I'm an RTS fan, and I was looking forward to commanding armadas of hornets, fleets of scorpions, and long convoys of warthogs and marines. The first blow in that idea, however, came with the otherwise excellent 2007 E3 demo. I've always hated the idea of ONI coverups messing with established Halo canon, and when I saw that the flood would be featured in Halo Wars I lost a great deal of faith in the storyline. I still expected the game to be enjoyable, but any game that encountered the flood pre-Combat Evolved had a major downcheck against it in my mind.

Now we come to the demo and related announcements. I enjoyed the game, but was disappointed by the unit cap. But, I thought, that was just a demo thing - I'd be able to send my horde into battle in the full version, right? Wrong. The unit cap is, according to a recent Ensemble interview, the same in the full version as the demo. So much for the horde.

I'm now at a point where I actually expect the storyline to be great - the unauthorized "transformers" cinematic trailer renewed my faith in the story, and psyched me up for the game. But the news about the unit cap has put a very large damper on my enthusiasm. I end, now, in the opposite position as the beginning - huzzah for the story, but a quiet tear for the gameplay. I hope somehow to be proved wrong on the latter count, but I don't think that likely.


Franchise Evolving

We have a well defined, carefully orchestrated, properly planned universe to explore not exploit.

--Frank O'Connor, July 2008, GameFocus

I can tell you that if you could think of a game that would work with a party atmosphere that would not gut the franchise, or milk it, we would think about it, seriously.

Jason Pace, January 2009, Videogamer.com

What's next? January 2009, Microsoft announces Halo Kart, Halo Halo Revolution and Halo Smash Brawl?

What part of a "party atmosphere" game in the Halo universe could possibly be exploration and not exploitation? How about a nice clear line in the sand now, not just "we know what we're doing"-- how about a laundry list of what you won't do? Promise us no karaoke, no karting games, no minigolf. Please.

RTS? We'll see, the demo is out any minute.

MMO? Don't blame them for trying, although I think something like this is just a lot harder to execute than a shooter, and the further away the franchise gets from Bungie the harder it is to execute.

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