Bungie Shines Spotlight On Reddit

This week's Community Focus feature over at Bungie is on the Destiny SubReddit. It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

GI Photo Tour Of Bungie

Bungie logo

Steve Peterson at Gamesindustry.biz has put up a Photo Tour of the new offices Bungie is developing Destiny in. Of the things I didn't know about the building, this one was the most interesting:

Parsons related how they had to use the second-largest crane in the country to lower the refrigeration units onto the roof; he said they were afraid they'd have to use a helicopter, which would have meant shutting down a wide area of the city, but fortunately that wasn't needed. Refrigeration and air conditioning are important due to the massive server infrastructure required by Bungie's operations; six huge units occupy much of the roof space.

Sounds like Bungie has big infrastructure plans around Destiny, far more than just XBL matchmaking.

Activision, Bungie Reveal Destiny

Activision/Blizzard has posted their official press release. I've archived it here. Near the bottom they put a tidbit for Bungie fans with a penchant for rampant speculation:

Activision reiterated that although Bungie's amazing new world was revealed today, Activision has not included the launch in its 2013 outlook and there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result.

So there you have it. You're not even allowed to think it's not true that Destiny won't come out this year.

Thanks to MDQuackers in the DBO forum for the heads-up.

Too good to be true!

I still can't believe that sheetmusic for the Halo franchise and other works by Bungie exists! Thank heaven that I just happened to be surfing around Youtube when I saw a link to this site. So far, it seems like a great community and I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring up next.


Hammer Xplozion BubbleZ (cool name huh?)

Hammer Xplozion BubbleZ (cool name huh?)

this is the cooliest pic everz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

look at it! lolz!


Macho Man Easter Egg (Real way to get to naked guy)

Hey all,
This is a Version 2 of my last blog "One jumping naked guy playing on halo". In my last blog a had no idea how to get to the naked guy and i was just guessing. To get to him really, do the following...

Go to the start of Halo(CO-OP Campaign) and run untill you come to the drop-off in to the flood fight, turn around and there should be a valley in the ice to walk up in the building, once in, to the left a terminal, to the right a drop off. Activate the terminal, and get the arbiter to stand at the very edge of the drop off, then get spartan to jump off the edge. if done right 117 should spawn on arbys head.Now arby jumps and 117 jumps off his head to the closet ledge. a run jump will make it to the next ledge. and there he is! to get to the same platform he is on, get a run-duck jump over there.(u need ur light to see him).

Im out

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!, bebo rules


Hello again,

I've relised that (obviosly), Halo 3 is ALOT more played then Halo2, so i found some eggs for all the hungry players!

There is a trash-talking grunt on the last level.
As you're driving the wathog, and u get near the end of the level, just before u jump onto the ship, there is a pillar on your right. Drive over to it. Get out, and walk over to the grunt.
He has a mouthful to say. Please enjoy

1. Go to custom games, and start a match of Assault. It does not matter what level, just any assault game type.
2. once you're in game, pick up the bomb and then end the game.
3. Go to the theater and watch your character just after he picks up the bomb. Right when you see yourself pick it up, you should be able to see the back of the ball.
4. If you look at the top of the ball, there it is, in white writing "HOLD ONTO YER BUTT"

This egg is on the level "The Covenant." At the beginning of the level, when you destroy the AA wraith and get the new warthog, drive to the place where the wraith, ghosts and prowlers are. Where the shade turret is, grenade jump onto the ledge nearby. Then go up until the invisible barrier blocks your way. Jump off and you should be levatating. "Levatate" to the cliff next to you and walk up it. Then go off the edge of the cliff and the sky will turn orange, and you will be at the part where you have to fight the two scarabs, although there will be no scarabs, banshees or hornets. You sould be JUST outside of the map. Continue on until a mysterious structure appears. It will look normal at first, but look at the back of it! It is covered in blue letters on a grid-like multi-colored backround.

In the level "The Storm", you must watch a saved film and go until the point where you fight the Scarab, and go into the large wrecked boat. In the bridge of the ship, there is a poster displaying a man wearing a big pirate hat, with the words "Sheik of the Ship" below it.
This is a reference to "Pimps at Sea", a long time joke by bungie, commonly an april fools joke.

On the level Halo, before you exit the cave (To come out the other side and fight a hellacious, seemingly never ending battle to get the the top of the building...) before you get to the drop off which leads to a check point. there is an area in which you can turn right and go into a room that is basically empty besides having one of those eyes that reads scripture to you. a room beyond that would be full of the useless blue lasers. upon leaving this area. There is an area that you will fall to your death EVERY time which consists of a giant blue lazer shooting across near the bottom. You will notice that by looking directly in front of the drop off, there is a ledge that is much to far to leap to on your own...This is where your second player comes into play. Have 1 guy stand right by the ledge, while the other jumps to his death. This will respawn the player that jumped, directly on top of the player standing on the ledge. Now have the player on the bottom jump off the ledge (While the other player is on top of him) and time it right so the guy on top can jump giving him the extra distance to land on the next ledge which was much too far of a jump to reach alone. the next ledge directly across from you can be reached by getting a small running start and jumping. Once you are on the 3rd ledge turn your flashlight on and look to the left ledge. You will see a 2d picture cut out of what appears to be one of the developers dancing. Pretty Entertaining...Pretty Useless...But still an egg.

In Halo 3 multiplayer (this was found in the beta, but I'm pretty sure it'll be in the final release), go to the map High Ground. If you go to the defense base where the flag normally is, there's a room with a machine that types out Morse Code. If you know Morse Code, there are lots of random secret messages, such as Frog Blast the Vent Core. A reference to a previous game.
Also, if you stand in that room for long enough, you'll begin to hear very faint music, that sounds like elevator music.
I guess Bungie wanted some of the defense guys to have something to entertain them while they waited for the enemy to try to invade their base!

First make the primary weapon the sniper rifle or the beam rifle. Start up the map Standoff. Find the moon in the sky and zoom in on it. It is hard to see but there is a face on the moon. The face is also on the Halo 2 map Containment.
1.) Marathon symbol - go to the level "the covenant" and when you are at the elevevators that take you to the barrier controls, look at the "hold rb" thing you will see in a holo outline the Marathon symbol.

2.) reference to the 5th level in Halo 1 - read the description on mission start on the final level in halo 3 it will say "assault on the control room" this was the name of the 5th level on Halo 1.

3.) secret message in the vines - go to forge on guardian and get out of the level, zoom in on the
vine and it will say "blarg" - an rvb reference.

4.) image on plasma grenade - throw a plasma grenade; go to the theatre lobby and look at the pg it has a hippo head which is a reference to Wideload Games.

5.) On the assault rifle bullets - fire one and look at it in the theatre lobby when paused, it will say "CHIEF 3x6xg"

6.) RVB reference - go to Valhalla and look in the water close enough - note you may need to be in forge to do this - look in the scope you will see the alian and caboose talking

In the map sandtrap near the place with 2 bridge things connected to the large bunker things with air portals or jump fans in them, is a place where you get a brute shot, walking away from the air portal bunker thing on the bridge were you get the brute shot, jump on the large tunnel area and turn left. Jump down into a little sniping place, turn around and look down. You will see the oposing person's screen and even what gun he has! Perfect for online play. You will need an assault rifle to see it well. It's awesome.

Start a game on the level The Pit. Go to where the energy sword spawns. Turn around so you're facing the entrance/exit. Look to the right and find a small yellow phone box. Break it off and flip it so you can see the back. On the back there is a tiny windows logo.

Start a level on Construct. Go to the bottom level. On that floor is the same computer from the other blue screen egg on Sandtrap. I also noticed that the 3rd word has a "7" in it.

First, go to the sandtrap multiplayer level.
Then go inside the temple (the one where the elephant is parked). As soon as you're inside, you'll see a two-screen laptop with a UNSC label showing the blue screen of death!

After Easter, we all get eggs!!

Hello egg lovers!,

I have found many, many, many more easter eggs over easter! here they all are!

Go to your dashboard and set the dates to these 1/1/1, 25/12/1 31/10/1

On regret get to the "wrong" temple (me prevoius blods will tell how) and go to everyone of the dark rooms, check the roofs for a message "Hi Ben!", to see this you will need to get a full sniper view with a flashlight on.

On METREOPOLIS, get to the part with the 3 wraiths, take them out, and when the pelican comes, repetantly jump and hold X as if you are trying to ride in the Pelican, if done correctly, you should get in. Now read closly, dont get out untill then spiing slows, or death will come, when it does, get out and you wont die. Lol, have some fun with the pelican!

On Gravemind, in the cutscene when the jackles are rebelling, one of the grunts gaurding the prophet chamber apperes to be holding A paper cutout of a naked guy. This cutout is also seen in halo 3, and was in the office of Bungies very own, Jason Jones.

On coagulataon, go to were the shotgun spawns and look at the top of the rocks, it will make you happy Smiling Also, go to the cave, overlooking the water and look around you should see something that says, Not Sid was Here. Also,Also if you blow up a tank, look a the Cogs, there is a jack-o-lantern!

On the Level uprising, go through the cave, kill the No0bs and go to the bottom floor, there should be a Grunt that talks to you, if you dont hurt it, sometines it doesnt talk, just try again

On Arbiter, when you are on the Flood infested elevators, look at the walls, after a while the Flood guts have JS carved in them. JS, Joseph Stanten is the voice of the Grunt!

In Halo:CE after you watch the recording, cheif says "ive got a bad felling about this" and someone else says he always has a bad feeling about this, On HALO2 when you are the airbiter, some of the Grunts start vfighting about bad feelings and food nipples! LOL

On Midship, under the sword platform there is some weird images.

At the start of The Airbiter, watch the dropships, they start FLIPPIN OUT!

On Zanzibar, most of the Rocks seem to have the outline of a Devil On them!

So thats about it, thanx for reading!

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

Halo2 Easter Eggs (Not gliches)

Hello all Easter-egg Hunters,

These are real, simple easter-eggs and they freaked me out. I found these at my lowest last night, i was playing alone really late so these easter-eggs were scary(Baby, lol). Just follow these steps:


1.Play Zanzibar and look at the NO SWIMMING sign.
2.Do not exit the match, open your Disc-Tray and go to X-Box Dashboard,then settings.
3.Set all the time and date to 7 (7:77 7/7/7)
4.Go back to Zanzibar and look at the sign, it says and shows...

Are you seeing Ling Ling's Head? (If you can read real good it also says)To the CEO's.It has the piture of a mutated bunny!


1.(This can only be done alone)Put Assault on Beaver Creek,Get the bomb
2.Go to the place thAt the Sniper Rifle spawns and knock down the rocks on the actual moatain
3.Were the rocks were there should be very,very hard to read text
4.To read it , it is easier to stand back and zoom in
It says...

Why am i here(Diffrent people see diffrent things at the bottom, it seems to say either, -MC, OR -Not. If you look Reallllly close it also seems to say TEUA Next to it, thats nO type-o,TEUA)


1.On any map with whoever you want, play Assault
2.Throw the bomb on A legde(The bottom has to be facing you, or just in a decent view)
3.Duck and zoom in on the bottom of the bomb(This is just a better view of the text, you can also see by just standing still with the bomb.

Spartan looking happy, doing the peice hand gesture, with XOXOXOXO And a heart next to him.

These are pretty kool easter-eggs and are simple, unlike most of da Halo3 ones (Cheeky Bungie)

Gave lift of DEATH!!!

Heelloooo alllll,

On the map construct, make a forge map and do absolutly nothing except block life sides of were u land wen u come up the grav lift and other than that, test the lift and put two grav lifts excatly were u land so its a death trap wen u come up, i ve done it and it makes a gooood movie on u-tube, but it got taken off 4 two much swearing, they all quit my game and got dissed soooo much 4 getting killed, its HILARIOUS!!!!!

-Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!

When Is A Story Is Not A Story?

Hail to the Chimp Logo

One might as well ask, when is a development blog not a development blog? Maybe when it's all about cocks on stage and cocking the vote and... well, about cocks.

However, the latest entry in the Wideload Team 1Up blog is by Matt Soell, and it's about the development of Hail to the Chimp, about how a game that was originally spec'd not to have a story got one:

At this late date I can't quite remember what it was that gave me the final idea. We knew these animals would be competing for something, but no one was sure of what. The notion of "the king of the jungle" had been discussed before, but it seemed trite and more than a little constricting; if you're looking for the king of the jungle, you are limited to jungle animals. We were trying to think in global terms. Animals from all over the world would want to tune in to the nightly news and see how their candidate was doing. Hmmm...nightly news....

So of course if you're looking for the nightly news that covers the animal election (the one in Hail to the Chimp, not the one in real life) check out GRRnews.com.

Halo 3 As Art, All Over Again

James Silva has a piece up on bit-tech about how repetition in game design can be used to create immersion and allow players to iterate skills and grow into their game story's central persona. Halo 3 figures as an example.

Blogging Better Boss Building

Like me, OldNick had some issues with the arcade concept of the "boss battle" coming to the Halo series. His latest blog entry, Building Better Bosses, examines the use of boss encounters in Halo 2 and Halo 3.

Halo 3 Soundtrack Adds Epic Sound To Epic Scenes: Part One

Halo 3 Soundtrack Adds Epic Sound To Epic Scenes: Part One


First and foremost I must admit that I am not a professional music writer or reviewer and I do not habitually review music. As such I may have misused key pieces of musical vocabulary or even misidentified instruments. I hope the audience will bear with me and that in those cases my descriptions are specific enough, if misguided, to get my meaning across.

Secondly, as the Halo 3 OST itself is arranged in such a way as to replicate the sonic experience of playing the game, I have made no effort whatsoever to separate in my mind, or in this review, the experience of playing the game from the experience of hearing the soundtrack. I feel the two are designed to reinforce each other, and this article is, as much as a review, an attempt to examine some of the ways in which it does this.

Lastly, if you haven't finished the Halo 3 campaign, don't read the below-- it contains spoilers!

It's hard not to be effusive about the soundtrack for the Halo series of games, composed and arranged by Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori. As games become larger and larger projects, involving not just a handful of people but dozens upon dozens of artists, programmers, designers, writers, and testers, audio and music stand alone as areas that involve relatively few people, and hinge on the efforts of very few, in an area that still has a huge effect.

Bungie made very, very good games before they were able to add O'Donnell/Salvatori music and sound. I think it's safe to say that the addition of that element is a major ingredient in what elevates them to the level of great games.

Halo 3 is no exception in this regard. While some may scoff at the familiarity of some of the material, I think the primary challenge in scoring the last segment of a sequel is blending the new with the old. Everything needs to sound like one part of a seamless whole, the new and the old, the familiar with the reinvented. For me, at least, the Halo 3 soundtrack is a triumphant success in this regard, and is in a heavy rotation on my playlist to make up for the Halo 3 I'm not playing while my 360 is broken.

With the packaging of the Halo 3 soundtrack, the approach of the second volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack was extended over both discs of a two disc set that attempts to duplicate the sonic experience of playing the game, running through the major themes and the dynamic music triggered by certain gameplay areas, from the first cutscene of the first level right through to the bitter end, with some of the music that accompanies the main menu to round out the collection.

Halo 3 Post-Mortem At 1Up

1Up talked to Brian "SketchFactor" Jarrard (community lead) and Tyson "Ferrex" Green (multiplayer design lead) about what worked (and what didn't) in Halo 3. A must-read item. Kudos to PlanetHalo via Louis Wu at HBO.

Editor's note: Ferrex does reveal that originally, the Ark was buried on Earth, and the idea of a portal that leads to an Ark somewhere else came later. So, in the final moments of Halo 2, when the Arbiter asks 343 Guilty Spark where the Ark is, and the scene shifts to Earth before he can answer, that was indicating that the Ark was on Earth. It's just that it was moved before Halo 3 was made.

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