Too good to be true!

I still can't believe that sheetmusic for the Halo franchise and other works by Bungie exists! Thank heaven that I just happened to be surfing around Youtube when I saw a link to this site. So far, it seems like a great community and I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring up next.



Hello again,

I've relised that (obviosly), Halo 3 is ALOT more played then Halo2, so i found some eggs for all the hungry players!

There is a trash-talking grunt on the last level.
As you're driving the wathog, and u get near the end of the level, just before u jump onto the ship, there is a pillar on your right. Drive over to it. Get out, and walk over to the grunt.
He has a mouthful to say. Please enjoy

After Easter, we all get eggs!!

Hello egg lovers!,

I have found many, many, many more easter eggs over easter! here they all are!

Go to your dashboard and set the dates to these 1/1/1, 25/12/1 31/10/1

On regret get to the "wrong" temple (me prevoius blods will tell how) and go to everyone of the dark rooms, check the roofs for a message "Hi Ben!", to see this you will need to get a full sniper view with a flashlight on.

Halo2 Easter Eggs (Not gliches)

Hello all Easter-egg Hunters,

These are real, simple easter-eggs and they freaked me out. I found these at my lowest last night, i was playing alone really late so these easter-eggs were scary(Baby, lol). Just follow these steps:


1.Play Zanzibar and look at the NO SWIMMING sign.
2.Do not exit the match, open your Disc-Tray and go to X-Box Dashboard,then settings.
3.Set all the time and date to 7 (7:77 7/7/7)
4.Go back to Zanzibar and look at the sign, it says and shows...

Gave lift of DEATH!!!

Heelloooo alllll,

On the map construct, make a forge map and do absolutly nothing except block life sides of were u land wen u come up the grav lift and other than that, test the lift and put two grav lifts excatly were u land so its a death trap wen u come up, i ve done it and it makes a gooood movie on u-tube, but it got taken off 4 two much swearing, they all quit my game and got dissed soooo much 4 getting killed, its HILARIOUS!!!!!

-Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!