When Is A Story Is Not A Story?

One might as well ask, when is a development blog not a development blog? Maybe when it's all about cocks on stage and cocking the vote and... well, about cocks.

However, the latest entry in the Wideload Team 1Up blog is by Matt Soell, and it's about the development of Hail to the Chimp, about how a game that was originally spec'd not to have a story got one:

At this late date I can't quite remember what it was that gave me the final idea. We knew these animals would be competing for something, but no one was sure of what. The notion of "the king of the jungle" had been discussed before, but it seemed trite and more than a little constricting; if you're looking for the king of the jungle, you are limited to jungle animals. We were trying to think in global terms. Animals from all over the world would want to tune in to the nightly news and see how their candidate was doing. Hmmm...nightly news....

So of course if you're looking for the nightly news that covers the animal election (the one in Hail to the Chimp, not the one in real life) check out GRRnews.com.