Building Better Bosses

I'm returning to a fundamental theme of my first entry: the tension between the need (or desire) to tell a story in a particular way, and the need to keep the player involved and immersed - by maintaining the consistency and believability of the game-world. Once again I have specific Halo examples in mind - the boss-battles in Halo 2, and Halo 3. Obviously, this means Halo 3 Campaign spoilers, so stop reading here if this is a problem for you.


Crow's Nest on Legendary EASY !!! Also clone Johnson.

This trick is relatively easy, but requires patience. First you start off in the level, but with no guns. You have 2 options get the Black Eye skull (on pipe above) or you can go downstairs and get a gun. Now go up to the ops center and go to Johnson. Now this is the time consuming part. Whack Johnson around the whole level. He will do all the fighting just give him a weapon (battle rifle works nice). Do this by killing him and drop a gun on top of him. If you sont give him a weapon when he gets shot he makes an atemmpt to run over and try to punch the covenent forces (hilarious!).

Infected Johnson!

This trick is very easy to do. Go on the last level and keep a rocket launcher. Next play through the level until you get right before the door to Guilty Spark 343 (outside the door of the cutscene where Sergeant johnson dies). Then if you already haven't let the Sergeant catch up and take out your rocket launcher. Shoot him (make sure he dies) and go into the cutscene before he gets back up. Kill 343 and when you exit the room Johnson will still be with you. Now prevent the Arbitor and the Sergeant from destroying the infection forms. If done correctly an infection form can enter Johnson.

The Ark

This is The Ark, as seen in the cutscene that concludes Halo 3's last level. The large circular light, as well as the ring of light that surrounds it, is the incomplete Halo 04a firing. The much larger structure in the background with eight arms is the Ark. The Ark apparently serves many functions, not the least of which is a construction facility for Halo installations, as well as a master control room (seen in the level The Covenant, where the final confrontation with the Prophet of Truth occurs).

Halo 3 was fun, but let's not see halo 4. (the agitated rants of an opinionated and easily frustrated gamer)

Halo 3 is an enjoyable experience and a decent rounding out to the series. Still i was hoping for a different direction then i was given and got that 'something is off' feeling that i got with halo 2 dispite it working hard to feel more like halo 1. Spoilers ahoy for what is basically me bitching about halo 3 in it's entirety. Keep in mind i still have fun with the game and by no means consider it bad. I merely bitch because i love.

Anger, Sadness and Envy Episode 4: The Storm

Trindacut and Narcogen take a look at The Storm, the fourth level of Halo 3, where vehicle combat is again a major theme and the story finally picks up as this level ends.

This is the MP3 version of the episode, compatible with the online player. This is the only format for this episode.

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Fog: You'll wish you had those eyes in the back of your head.

This is a pretty tricky skull to explain but I'll try my best. Okay the fog skull is on the level [b]Floodgate[/b]. It takes away the whole radar so you don't know what's behind you. To me I think this is okay considering you can go on one path most of the game and not have anything pop up behind you. Anyways, onto finding the skull.

[b]Step 1[/b]
Take out a battle rifle/carbine (just a long range type weapon or something that isn't automatic).

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