Plasma Rifle

Today's entry in the Halo 3 weapons guide is the Plasma Rifle. (Halo 3 only has the single, blue Covenant plasma rifle, as the red Brute plasma rifle has been removed.)

Time till overheat on full auto: 4 seconds
Rate of fire: ~8 rounds per second
Rounds to kill (body): 18
Rounds to kill (head): 18
Rounds before melee kill: 3
Rounds before close frag nade kill (body): 3
Rounds after close frag nade to kill (body): 10
Rounds before far frag nade kill (body): 5
Rounds after far frag nade to kill (body): 15

Notes: This weapon is pretty terrible at reducing player health, but is great for softening up energy shields. It is about as accurate as the spiker at range but kills a bit more slowly. Bursting two shots at a time as fast as you can seems to extend the range and may save the battery with only a slight reduction in firing rate. When dual wielded, it only takes a single two-round burst from each ahnd to soften up a target enough for a melee kill.

For demonstrations of the plasma rifle in use, see these short films:

EDITOR'S NOTE: The "unknown exception" error is stopping these films from going to the forums at the moment, so just check out slots #20 and #21 in Narcogen's fileshare until they're posted.