Sony Acquires Bungie (mp3)

Rampancy and guests discuss Sony's $3.6B acquisition of Bungie LLC and what it means for the company's games and fans.

Thanks for participating in this discussion to:

Claude "Louis Wu" Errera, founder of Bungie fansite
Dan "Malagate" Perkins
Miguel "Freewill" Chavez, Bungie's #1 Fan

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3 #27 Final Thoughts MP3

With the original Mass Effect trilogy now complete, Blackstar and Narcogen are joined once again by Jillybean and Malagate to talk about the series, the ending of Mass Effect 3, and our expectations for Andromeda. This is a special wrap-up episode with no new footage; video is pulled from each of the games in the series, or from other sources where appropriate. It is very long (more than 2.5 hours!) and is not a traditional let's play episode.
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This short musical piece by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, entitled "Eighth" was one of the promotional assets used as a reward at the conclusion of the Alpha Lupi ARG to tease the reveal of Bungie's new property, Destiny.

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