Anger, Sadness and Envy Ep. 19: Deja View, Forge World

Blackstar and Narcogen take a look at the two recently released Reach videos; the RvB reveal of Blood Gulch remake, Hemorrhage, and Bungie's own ViDoc about Forge World and Reach's new map editing features.
Show Highlights:

Deja View
I Said GOOD Graphics
Home Sweet Base
Weapon Lowering
Flying the Flag
Lookalike = Playalike?
Is Bigger Better?
Forge World Is Big
Ferrex In The Fishing Bob Hat
Bases, Building Blocks and Racetracks
Flying the Falcon
Halo 3 Forge Creations
Normal, Fixed and Phased
Multiple Delete
Custom Colors
Moving Objectives
Ferrex Forge Q&A
Bigger Budgets Nearby
No Firefight Forge or Campaign Forge

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ASE Episode 19 Deja View, Forge World