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Rampancy and guests discuss Sony's $3.6B acquisition of Bungie LLC and what it means for the company's games and fans.

Thanks for participating in this discussion to:

Claude "Louis Wu" Errera, founder of Bungie fansite
Dan "Malagate" Perkins
Miguel "Freewill" Chavez, Bungie's #1 Fan

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Narcogen and Craig Hardgrove

In this episode of Anger, Sadness and Envy, Narcogen talks to Mars Science Laboratory planetary scientist Craig Hardgrove, fan of Bungie games and master remixer of the Marathon soundtrack about Marathon, Destiny, as well as Call of Duty and Bioshock Infinite. You can hear Hardgrove every week on the Guardian Radio podcast as well!

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ASE Episde 27: Craig Hardgrove