Weapons and Encounter Times

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Halo 2's weapons, compared to Halo 1's and perhaps compared to other shooters, work or combine in such a way that the average time of any given encounter is greatly reduced. This makes any latency you are experiencing a greater percentage of the total encounter time than it would be if it took longer to get a kill, and places a lagged player with dual SMGs going up against a player also with dual SMGs is at a greater disadvantage than if both players had single SMGs.

High Ping Bastard's Guide to Halo 2

In many ways Halo 2 deals admirably with lag, but the game engine cannot ignore the inescapable fact that latency creates a difference between what the player perceives is going on, through his screen, and what is really going on in the server's authoritative world.

So how does a player with an above-average ping cope with the stiff competition on Xbox Live? Read on.