Impressions: Metropolis

Apparently, Ladies Like Rail Shooters

Once you've made it through the underground highway tunnel at the end of Outskirts, you might think you're through with long, linear environments. Not so.

As you emerge from the tunnel opening into the daylight, the Sarge greets you with a present: a Scorpion tank. "Oh," he grins, "I know what the ladies like." as he gets behind the chain gun of a Pelican, a weapon so neat that we never get to use it ourselves.

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Halo Story Summary

The Pillar of Autumn
Halo's story begins with Captain Jacob Keyes, commander of the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn, on the bridge of his ship as it is emerging from a faster-than-light jump through slipspace. The ship has just fled the Covenant invasion of the colony known as Reach, and following the Cole Protocol procedure that requires making randomized jumps to conceal the location of Earth, has arrived at a large ringworld structure situated at a LaGrange point between a large gas giant and its moon.


Halo 2: Finally

Well after many days and nights of wishing, hoping, praying, sweating, bleeding, and driving themselves to total burn out Bungie completed Halo 2. Congratulations guys. We knew you could do it. But this is not about their struggle, no. It's about my adventure.... in picking it up at my local EB Game store.


Halo 2 Guide

With the release of Halo 2, Bungie fans will be looking at some new vehicles, new weapons, new maps, and some new opponents. So to prepare for that, we've been working on the Halo 2 Guide, a collection of words and images designed to help players navigate their way through Halo 2.

So far, the following sections are open, and will shortly be expanded: