Grunt Birthday Party Skull

The Grunt's B-day skull is pretty easy to get. First you beat the game on any diffuculty level, but easy.Then go to the second level on normal or higher. Go through the level normally till you get to where the drones are passing back and forth throught the pipes(right before you jump down to meet the Arbitor).Stop right where you're supposed to jump down to the Arbitor and look down. Right below you , you will see a green arrow pointing backwards. Jump on the arrow and turn around. You will see a hidden room with the skull in the middle.


An Analysis of Guilty Spark's Log (SPOILERS)

Well, I'm moving this week. A whole lot of things remain...uh...unresolved. I'll likley be away from this place for a couple of weeks I guess. My last blog post before leaving.
It is another speculative post, and I hope Narcogen refrains from thoroughly bashing each and every aspect over and over again before I return to reply.

I'm looking at 343 Guilty Spark's log book, from Conversations From The Universe. There are big fat spoilers here, if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further.

Halo Story Summary

The Pillar of Autumn
Halo's story begins with Captain Jacob Keyes, commander of the UNSC ship Pillar of Autumn, on the bridge of his ship as it is emerging from a faster-than-light jump through slipspace. The ship has just fled the Covenant invasion of the colony known as Reach, and following the Cole Protocol procedure that requires making randomized jumps to conceal the location of Earth, has arrived at a large ringworld structure situated at a LaGrange point between a large gas giant and its moon.


Impressions: The Heretic

Although this is listed as a level, it's really just a cutscene. As the game itself does later, this switches between the story of John 117, the Master Chief, receiving a hero's welcome on Cairo Station with Sgt. Johnson, Cortana and Lord Hood, and the Covenant Elite in charge of chasing the Pillar of Autumn from Reach to Halo being punished for his failure to protect the ring or destroy the human craft.

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