Halo 2 Guide

With the release of Halo 2, Bungie fans will be looking at some new vehicles, new weapons, new maps, and some new opponents. So to prepare for that, we've been working on the Halo 2 Guide, a collection of words and images designed to help players navigate their way through Halo 2.

So far, the following sections are open, and will shortly be expanded:






For each entry that has a thumbnail image, you can click on that thumbnail to view the entry with a full-size image.

Also, at the bottom of each page appears a collection of selection boxes; you can use these to navigate the Guide and the entire site, by choosing one or more terms to browse, and then choosing whether you want to see items that include any of those terms (the default) or all.

So, for instance, to see not just Covenant weapons, or just Human weapons, choose the keyword weapons from the asset selection box; this display will bring up all weapons in the system, regardless of species of origin.