Two versions of Halo Wars

honestly I don't know if this is a good idea or not I'm just intrested in what other peaple think. I think that one cool feature for halo wars would be able to be a spectator of the battle and give orders but then there would also be the possibility to be a marine or spartan on the field kind of like Star Wars Battle Front so that way like say you see one of your fronts is about to fall you could take over as a soldier and reinforce that side personally like I said I don't know if this is a good idea or not it's just a thought that popped in my head one day.

should the arbiter return ?

I really got tired of playing as the arbiter in halo 2 I mean yeah I was intrested in the story but it took away from the human side of the story I think instaid of being the arbiter you should have benn able to be some of the spartan IIIs on Onyx beacause that could have opened the door to another series one not based on Master Chief but on the next generation. By the way the Spartan IIIs are in the book ghosts of Onyx those of you who dont know.

Arbiter vs. Master Chief? Why? What about the whole Elite-Human truce?

Wha- Why? Why would an Elite, after helping a couple humans (who he attacked before) stop Halo, have any reason to want to fight Master Chief? I mean- it makes no sense.

If there HAD to be any kind of boss battle, it would be with either truth or gravemind (i dont know if he's good or evil, but in halo 2 it was obvious that there wasnt really much of a choice in him helping the humans and elites).