Ark Suite for Full Orchestra

NOTICE; I am still in process of writing/arranging this piece, I will have it up in possibly a week please be patient. :)
So after a few months of inactivity, I might as well submit a score I have been making for quite sometime. This is the Halo 3; Ark suite for full orchestra. The suite is a multi - movement piece I have created for well; full orchestra. :) enjoy~
Durration; 7 minutes
Difficulty; 5
Farthest Outpost
Make them Pay
Behold, A Pale white horse

Leonidas Returns for String Orchestra,SA Choir and Brass

I am back! :D and as my first piece that I would like to put up is the full score of Leonidas Returns from Halo 3. :)
Tips - have at least 15 sopranos and altos together. 8 Altos and 7 sopranos. have 2 trumpets and trombones so the main melody at bar 40 can be heard. The key changes and the Tempo is 84 for quarter note. there are also alot of time changes, 3/4, 5/8 , and 4/4 time.

I'll have the individual parts in soon and the Mp3 as well :)

Finish the Fight - Mv. II This is the Hour for Concert band

I have noticed that my last blog did not have the sheet music. So I have created this new blog. :D
Flute I & II
Oboe I & II
Clarinet I - III
Bass Clarinet I & II
Bassoon I & II
Soprano Saxophone (E-mail Me for the Part at
Alto Saxophone I & II
Tenor Saxophone I & II
Baritone Saxophone I & II
Horn I - III
Trumpet I - III
Tenor Trombone I & II
Bass Trombone

Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone.

Haha!! I finally did it! Took me long enough, But I did it, So here it is; Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone. Some side notes to keep in mind, (somewhat) The Viola part is In treble Clef so you Violas may need to learn (or already have) Treble cleft or have People on the part as Violin III. There are 4 Cello parts. Cello I gets the Melody at certain points. and Also where there are triplets, I added so notes scaling up to the G. Cello II and III get the running 16th notes at measure 12.