Farthest Outpost/Mercy Plea/Earth City/Leonidas for Concert Band

Farthest Outpost from Roll Call- (Halo 3)

Mercy Plea from Special Delivery -(Halo 3:ODST)

A shortened version of Earth City - (Halo 2)

Leonidas from Delta Halo Suite - (Halo 2)

File The Four Betrayals.rar867.3 KB


Which one of these four pieces is from the "Birth of a Spartan" trailer?

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I didn't mean to tag that into my blog entry, I have no idea what birth of a spartan trailer is but if you could tell me how to untag it I'll gladly do that!

No problem.

The "request" field was made so that people could submit entries into the sheet music database that were not transcriptions, but requests for transcriptions.

The "request completed" field was to link an actual subscription to its matching request, so that people who submitted requests could see that a transcription had been posted.

Rampant for over se7en years.