I have noticed that my last blog did not have the sheet music. So I have created this new blog. :D
Flute I & II
Oboe I & II
Clarinet I - III
Bass Clarinet I & II
Bassoon I & II
Soprano Saxophone (E-mail Me for the Part at JJBRMusic@Gmail.com)
Alto Saxophone I & II
Tenor Saxophone I & II
Baritone Saxophone I & II
Horn I - III
Trumpet I - III
Tenor Trombone I & II
Bass Trombone
Euphonium I & II
Tuba I & II
Timpani (both Chimes and Timpani have the same sheet)
Tom Tom I & II
Bass and Snare Drum.
Errata -
In the 3 measure for Bass Trombone, there is a low A, They may wish to play that a octave Higher.
Tenor Trombone I measure 16 - Octave higher till measure 24.
For Tom toms, use on set of large and on set of small ones. for the C Natural, use lower tom and D for high tom on Tom-tom I. Same with Tom Tom II, the F = lower Tom, G = high tom.
Euphonium I - mesure 21, there is a octave for That player, the have the options to play on or the other octave.
Difficulty: 6+
Duration: 1:12 minutes.

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