Request - Machines and might halo legends

will someone please do this song from the halo legends soundtrack!! it sounds epic i know the key is d major but thats it :( if anyone needs help i have some rough parts the beginning tune is a d,b,d,b,c#,b,d,b,d,b,e,b for the right hand and in the left plays a b for the first hold then another b then a (b and d) into a (a & d) then g# and e into a g and e thats all the left hand up to the part where high strings come in please help someone!!!!!!!!!!

The Red Ring of Death Sucks

So, I was playing a videogame on my x-box about four weeks ago(I don't quite remember what it was, but I think it was either Halo 3:ODST or Fable 2) and my x-box got the red ring of death. With my brother recently out of the army, I jumped at the chance to get my X-box fixed. I asked him if he could get it fixed for me and he replied, "I'll fix it....IF I can have the TV in MY room." I reluctantly agreed. Well, three weeks later, my brother hadn't sent it in. The next week, he moved out, taking the TV, which he had already put in his room. So now, I'm left with a broken x-box and no tv.