Hello all Easter-egg Hunters,

These are real, simple easter-eggs and they freaked me out. I found these at my lowest last night, i was playing alone really late so these easter-eggs were scary(Baby, lol). Just follow these steps:


1.Play Zanzibar and look at the NO SWIMMING sign.
2.Do not exit the match, open your Disc-Tray and go to X-Box Dashboard,then settings.
3.Set all the time and date to 7 (7:77 7/7/7)
4.Go back to Zanzibar and look at the sign, it says and shows...

Are you seeing Ling Ling's Head? (If you can read real good it also says)To the CEO's.It has the piture of a mutated bunny!

[b]WHY AM I HERE?[/b]

1.(This can only be done alone)Put Assault on Beaver Creek,Get the bomb
2.Go to the place thAt the Sniper Rifle spawns and knock down the rocks on the actual moatain
3.Were the rocks were there should be very,very hard to read text
4.To read it , it is easier to stand back and zoom in
It says...

Why am i here(Diffrent people see diffrent things at the bottom, it seems to say either, -MC, OR -Not. If you look Reallllly close it also seems to say TEUA Next to it, thats nO type-o,TEUA)


1.On any map with whoever you want, play Assault
2.Throw the bomb on A legde(The bottom has to be facing you, or just in a decent view)
3.Duck and zoom in on the bottom of the bomb(This is just a better view of the text, you can also see by just standing still with the bomb.

Spartan looking happy, doing the peice hand gesture, with XOXOXOXO And a heart next to him.

These are pretty kool easter-eggs and are simple, unlike most of da Halo3 ones (Cheeky Bungie)