Request - for Band music Halo Reach: "Overture"

Before you start all i need is only from 0:01-0:55 from 0:01-2:00 0:01-3:18 and all of it 0:01-4:00
(depending if we are going to play the whole song or not)

in my 7th grade band

3- percussions
1-alto sax
2-base clarinets
1-French horn
1-baritone sax
1-(brass) baritone

Daily Challenges 11/2/10

Ok, so we still haven't managed to complete Bungie's 117 million community daily challenges challenge. So here I am again to provide you guys with a few tips on how to do todays challenges so we can lift the level cap. Fortunately, Bungie is taken it easy on everyone today by giving you some really easy challenges.

Kill 10 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 100cR

Daily Challenges 11/1/10

As you should all know by now Reach has a level cap of Lt. Colonel Grade 3. Bungie has already stated that the community has to complete 117 million daily and weekly challenges in order to lift it. Head over to to see where our current progress is at lifting the cap. You will find that we are extremely close to this goal. So in order to possibly reach that goal today I am going to provide you guys with a few tips to get todays challenges done.