Daily Challenges 11/1/10

As you should all know by now Reach has a level cap of Lt. Colonel Grade 3. Bungie has already stated that the community has to complete 117 million daily and weekly challenges in order to lift it. Head over to Bungie.net to see where our current progress is at lifting the cap. You will find that we are extremely close to this goal. So in order to possibly reach that goal today I am going to provide you guys with a few tips to get todays challenges done.

First up on today's list is Gunslinger, which requires you to kill 40 enemies in multiplayer matchmaking. This challenge is fairly easy and all you need to do is go into multiplayer. The only determining factors for this challenge will be dependent on how good you are and what your favorite game type is. I would say that Rumble pit or Swat would be the quickest for me but it is mainly up to you. This challenge is worth 400 Credits. Basically, 10 per kill.

The second challenge for today is One Spartan Army, which asks you to kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. Load up score attack and play through 2 matches of Gruntpocalypse on Corvette to get the most out of this challenge. Stay near the spawn and aim for the head and you should have no trouble at all completeing this challenge. Credits for completion: 1500.

Third on the list for today's challenges is House of Pain, arguably the toughest one for today, which will require you to complete a campaign mission on Heroic with the following skulls: Mythic, Tilt, Thunderstorm. Load up Winter Contingency on Heroic with those 3 skulls and your all set to go. Run through the level and get to the part where you first come into contact with the Covenant. Go down the basement and keep running out the door and up the stairs to the right. Do not fight any of the Covenant. From here on stick to the right of the level and keep running until you get to the cars. Congrats! You just skipped the hardest part of the level. Drive past all the buildings without fighting until you get to the part where you have to defend the Marines. Grab your DMR and hide occasionally popping out and shooting a few grunts. Let your teammates do the fighting! You will then be transported via Falcon to Kat's position. Once you exit the Falcon toss a grenade at the jackals in front of the door and sprint passed them into the area where Kat is. Hide in the back and wait it out. The door will close after about 5 minutes and you will move on to the next part. skip the custscene unless you want to watch it and grab the DMR in front of you and go behind the crates. Let Jorge handle the little guys while you focus your fire on the Zealot class elite. Try to kill him so that you can make your life easier at the end of the level. Once he is out of the way progress through the hallway and make use of your grenades. Swap your pistol for a plasma pistol and then switch back to your DMR. Kill the Grunts that come out of the door in the bottom room. Now switch to the plasme pistol and run downstairs and hit the sword elite with a charged shot. Switch to your DMR and put a bullet in his throat. Hit the button and you will just have recieved 1000 Credits.

The last daily challenge is basically a given. If you have already linked your gamertag to Bungie.net then you would have completed this awhile back. If not, simply head over to Bungie.net and sign up! Search for a match and you will have completed this challenge and earn a whopping 3000 Credits. How generous of Bungie.

The weekly challenge is called Multiplicative and asks that youearn 45 multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking. Head into Invasion for the best results. Rumble pit and Swat work well to but again this one is based on your personal preference.

Good luck guys and get these challenges done! The level cap should be lifted no later than tomorrow if not today. If you have found an easier way to do a challenge or have any tips of your own feel free to share them and leave a comment!