Forerunner Map Pack Issues

UPDATE: We have agreed to partner up in the makings of the Forerunner Map Pack and have split them into two parts. Part 1 is complete and can be found and downloaded here:
Part 2 will be released early April. For more info on Part 2 of the map pack click the link below.

I have recently learned that another person on xboxlive has also been working on a project with the Forerunner Map Pack title and we have run into some difficulties. We have worked out a few things and are most likely going to work out a partners deal and combine both of our overall creations into one map pack. We both have quite a few maps to put together though so expect the possibility of a FMP part I and FMP part II. If worst comes to worst I will simply change the name of the map pack and hopefully all disputes will be settled. More details to come in the future.

For more information on the actual Forerunner Map Pack click on this link: