Swift, Strong, Brave for marching band

Hi all,

Here is the song 'Swift, Strong, Brave' from the Halo: Reach track 'Overture' arranged for a marching band.

It's actually a bit too slow to march, but it could be played as a pep tune...

2 Flute parts
2 Clarinet parts
2 Alto Saxophone parts
2 Mellophone parts
2 Trumpet parts
Marimba (2)
Auxiliary percussion (Bass drum, tam-tam, suspended cymbal, tom drum, snare drum, shaker)
Marching Snares
Marching Tenor drums
Marching Bass drums (4)

If you want any more instrumentation added, let me know, or if you want the individual parts.

Included files:
.pdf, .mp3, .sib (sorry, no midi file. The percussion on it sounded awful.)

Let me know what you think!

Package icon Swift_Strong_Brave.zip1.79 MB


Awesome track. I am in a marching band and this is pretty awesome. My marching band director is a Halo fan too, so he might like this.

Thanks! Do you need anything extra for the instrumentation?

Clarinet Player Here_____ THIS. IS. AWESOME! I'm going to learn this, and could you add/point out the Quad Drum's part? Also add Bass Clarinet part, that would be great!!!

Quad drums are basically the same thing as tenor drums, I think. However, I don't believe that quads have a spot drum (drum notated as the G on top of the staff). But then, the spot drum is optional for the part I wrote out for this...

I'll get to work on a bass clarinet part, along with changing some percussion stuff that was repetitive...

I think that Quads are the same as Tenor Drums.

I'll get started on a Bass Clarinet part.

Thanks for the feedback!

Clarinet Player Here____ Awesome, also, is there anyway you could isolate each individual parts??? or is that asking too much?

Double-post, sorry.

Sure, Sibelius (which I use) has a function for that. I'll try to work on it tomorrow afternoon.

EDIT (2/25): Sorry, I haven't been able to work on arranging for a while. I have the bass clarinet part done, but I haven't saved the files as .pdf's yet...

That's okay, I just played this and it is awesome on the clarinet!!!!!!!!!! Great job!

1st violin part
2nd violin part
3rd violin/viola Part
Have viola , 1st , 2nd, and cello share the melody once throughout the pieces.
I will pay for the full score.
$10 for the score (including parts I listed) and $1 for additional parts (ones listed)
I would also like a copy of each individual part at $1 each.(Band and Strings)
So total would be $39 - $45.
If you would like to take this offer, contact me at StelloDoan@gmail.com
Thank you.

can you send me the midi if you still have it i can use the program synthesia and turn the percussion off thanks my email is johman1000@gmail.com thank you so much i love this song and want to learn it also if you have the lonewolf reach song in midi format then i would be very greatful thank you so much.

Could you come up with a purely Percussion ensemble.