Can somebody make sheetmusic (preferably for piano) for the Halo: Reach song "At Any Cost"? I tried doing it by ear, but it proved to difficult (for me). I would appreciate it.




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It is very difficult. I can hear that it's either written in 12/8 or 4/4, but the problem is all the instrument's different ranges. It will be very hard to transfer it over to piano without making it sound empty. And the glissandos will be very difficult to play and write. I can give it a go, but I'm working on something else ATM.

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Well awesome1 I wish you luck on this one. I might be able to look at it as well but not for awhile down the road. Still have Birth of a Spartan to do which is really starting to annoy me. The only easy part for this piece I would say is the nice little piano part at the end. Well once again good luck if you decide to take on the challenge.