Sheet Music to Midi?

Hey Guys!
This is a midi request for (SHOCK) not halo music! (If this is against the rules can a mod please close this down after i get my midi files please?) there are 2 pieces i would like transcribed and i am uploading the sheet music to help you (Non Scanned PDF) they are from the composer Clint Mansell and the songs are called Death is the road to awe and together we will live forever.
if you can do this for me PM me with them when the are done and i will love you forever and will award you with a cookie! :) thank you all

Delvering hope sheet music

Hey guys I have managed to learn the music that plays in the Delivering Hope trailer by ear. I wish to transcribe which I can do by hand, but what I want to know is how do I make it into a Adobe reader PDF file. Would appericiate some help and if I get this transcribed there will be another great song from halo that everyone can play on piano :D.

Request - for Band music Halo Reach: "Overture"

Before you start all i need is only from 0:01-0:55 from 0:01-2:00 0:01-3:18 and all of it 0:01-4:00
(depending if we are going to play the whole song or not)

in my 7th grade band

3- percussions
1-alto sax
2-base clarinets
1-French horn
1-baritone sax
1-(brass) baritone

Request- Halo 3 ODST OST - Track 01 (for piano)

I just found this site and am a growing fan of Halo. (I don't have the game or an Xbox but I'm still very interested in it.
Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if someone would get this for me. I am having a hard time finding the title, but you can find it here=

I'm not a expert, so if you could make it as easy as possible it would be very appreciated. I just fell in love with this song, and I'd really like it.

Thanks much!
Spartan Legend

Black Snow (original piece)

This is a song a friend and I wrote in 8th grade for almost no reason whatsoever. The title almost has no reason either. I simply looked outside when I was thinking of a title and saw it was snowing.

It was somewhat influenced by never forget.

I am uploading it because I'm curious about what I'll get for feedback.

It is fairly simple to play, so enjoy!

(Folder should include a .pdf and .mus file. I threw in a .mid file just in case.)


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Eggs, i say thankz (Not eggs)

Me here,

I would just like to take the time to thanks Eeggs(not a error) and Google for all their help. I have submitted alot of eggs, but i can't take credit for them all, i have found a large amount of them, but not them all. and Google are well known sites, and they desrve some credit. I reccomend these sites to all.

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