Foreboding Dream- The Way Their World Ended

This is my transcription of 'Foreboding Dream', which can be heard on the playbar at

Short intro: The Way Their World Ended (also known as 'Intimation' at is a fan-made Alternate Reality Game (ARG), based heavily off the I Love Bees ARG which was used to promote Halo 2. It has been running for almost a year now, and is most likely drawing to a close (I think) as of time of writing.

This song is used in the video (Foreboding Dream), hence the title.

This is a transcription of the song, it's pretty nice to listen to, and not that hard. Pedaling, dynamics, etc. are left to the pianist's discretion, there are some guidelines in the sheet music, but I would recommend listening to the original (which sounds better than the midi at any rate).

Have fun!

Difficulty: Moderate

Attached files include:
Sheet Music (.pdf)
Midi Sequence (.mid)
Finale Notation File (.mus, .bak)

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Wow, the music is beautiful. But your transcription is very different, the original is much simpler. Remember this: simple is always better UNLESS you make something extraordinarily complex.
Because I know that transcribing (and general composing) is very time consuming, I couldn't post without congratulating you, but next time try to stick to the original. :)

NOTE: I'm kinda tired and I'm very influenced by ultra-bass (the electronically added bass you listen, for example, in the original) [I just love it so much. :)] so if I listened wrong and you DID make an exact transcription, my apologies. :)

Thanks! Well, I did try to make the transcription as exact as possible, but what I suspect is that you were listening to the youtube video, which has the ultra-bass (new word :D) in it, and simpler notes, but I was transcribing from the one on the playbar of, which I think sounds somewhat 'cleaner' than the youtube version. The version on the playbar is actually quite different from the youtube version, the piano part is more complex, which I thought would be more interesting to play as well. Hope that clears it up, and enjoy the music!