Black Snow (original piece)

This is a song a friend and I wrote in 8th grade for almost no reason whatsoever. The title almost has no reason either. I simply looked outside when I was thinking of a title and saw it was snowing.

It was somewhat influenced by never forget.

I am uploading it because I'm curious about what I'll get for feedback.

It is fairly simple to play, so enjoy!

(Folder should include a .pdf and .mus file. I threw in a .mid file just in case.)

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Orchestra... Needs orchestra! It would be awesome!

Halo = The best game ever...

I could see about adding something in. At the time we just wanted something simple to play on piano.

Excellent job! Simple and yet quite elegant.


Brilliant! I love it! Yes, the orchestra would make it even more amazing.

I'm working on an orchestral version for this due to the uh... 3 comments that suggested I should. So far it's going ok but I'm open to criticism on it. I chose just 2 violins and 2 contrabasses because we couldn't really come up with a 3rd violin part and the cellos I had originally just weren't loud enough, so they were replaced by the contrabasses. Let me know if you agree with that arrangement, I'm not exactly bursting with orchestral knowledge.

I could orchestrate it for the full orchestra (if I'm not lazy) if you allow me to. I need some practise on orchestrating anyway.

Halo = The best game ever...

If you want to go ahead. I can email you what I've done thus far, but if you want to just start from scratch that's fine with me too.

Nicely done. I like to improvise using the chords from Never Forget and what I usually come up with sounds very similar to this. Keep it up!