Halo Reach Deliver Hope Sheet Music

The sheet music from the Halo Reach:Live Action:Deliver Hope. Not exactly the same but still good. I uploaded to different types(not much of a difference), just use which ever on is easier to read. This is my first time putting together sheet music, so I apologize if it is poorly written. Please rate & comment.Thanks!:-)

Delvering hope sheet music

Hey guys I have managed to learn the music that plays in the Delivering Hope trailer by ear. I wish to transcribe which I can do by hand, but what I want to know is how do I make it into a Adobe reader PDF file. Would appericiate some help and if I get this transcribed there will be another great song from halo that everyone can play on piano :D.

Request - Walking Away and We Remember

Hey I wanted to post 2 halo reach sheet music requests, the first one for We Remember and the second for Walking Away. These were a couple of the best songs on reach and i was disappointed with not being able to find em here. If anyone could transcribed either of these either of these for piano and email me when there on at LacAgar@gmail.com, it would be highly apperciated.

Anger, Sadness and Envy Episode 21: The Winter of our Discontingency

This time on Anger, Sadness and Envy, Narcogen, Blackstar and Cody Miller take a look at the first level of Halo: Reach, Winter Contingency.

Show highlights include:

ODST was the only Halo game that started with a text crawl. Reach is the only one that starts with a flashback, showing your customized helmet on the post-invasion, burning surface, then transitioning to Noble Six putting the helmet on in the Warthog, on his (or her) way to meet the rest of Noble Team. Does this work?

File Format: 

Request - Winter Contingency for Winds

i need winter contingency for wind ensemble. we have 3 flutes, 2 clarinets,3 saxophones, 2 trumpets,
1 baritone/trombone, one trombone, 3 tubas, and 5 percussionists. i would like all male voices as
the saxophones, female voices as flutes and clarinets, and harp as marimba. take your time on it, but
i would like it asap. it doesn't need to be Marty quality, just needs to sound like it.