Modifications made to Halo, either through modchips or other means.

Marathon On The PlayStation

Marathon Logo

Slashdot is reporting an "explosion" of emulators running under Yellow Dog Linux on the Sony Playstation 3.

What does that have to do with Bungie?

Because with Linux running on the PS3, you can install Aleph One on it and play Marathon.

To much or to less (WHAT HAPPEND BUNGIE!!!????)

Hello all,

What happend Bungie??!!! All the Hacking and Cheating in you Halo Series is unstopable. Are programs like Action-Reply, Mod Chips and Custom Editions all meant to be, with your permission? Are you just allowing all this crap to happen? I dont even know if you support these programs or despise them for ruining the story and all the hard work you put into these games to stop it from happining?

Don't get me wrong, its damn fun and satisfiying to find the way out of a map with just the know-how and the average X-Box. Just yesterday i found pre-loaded matreial on Delta Halo, and how to get all the way out of Outskirts with just a Ghost and a Warthog. I was planning on buying Action-Reply soon, but relised its fuking pointless. Whats the fun of just trowing away all the hard work Bungie has done just to find some No0bs version of a Shitty, Fuking "Trigate" on Cario Station. I know its legal but still, its just not right, Not right. As far as i know, Only dum n0obs want to go this far to find Triangles, squares of rock and/or little bumps or dots that barely look like pieces of shit, and call them "easter eggs" or "Secrets". A secret is something anyone could find with a X-box and a Heartbeat....

Fukin' No0bs

Skull-Seeker 4 Life...

I think you will all agree with me when, again, i say, F-U-C-K-I-N-G N-0-o-B-S

Secret Warthogs on The Pit...

Howdy-ho all,

I have knowen this SECRET warthog trick 4 a while and have just forgotten about it before i blog it up. You will need to be on forge (Halo3 only)and on the map "The Pit".Go to the fence with the warthogs behind it and brind up a two way node, push it to the top-middle of the fence ( On the side with the warthogs) and place it, if this is done right, it should fall a little, but stop in mid-air. After that, place a node anywere on the map, and go through it (If u turn human, u will be killed by the guardians). Dont go far out or u will die, just stay right there and bring up a active grav lift. This is the tricky part, u have to tilt the grave life facing the fence and push the warthog (It is easy to tell, but there is a broken warthog missing the hood). It may take a while and/or the warthog will roll out of the limits, if this happens, just start a new round and try again. I have personaly tested this, and i have driven the warthog around the map( for all the no0bs, this would be pointless if you could forge warthogs, but u cant on The Pit, so this is cool and fun) This trick is fun when succseded but hard to do, so take your time.

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!

...Brinyng YOU tricks since sunday...

Pirated Halo 3 Hits Teh Intarwebz

Play.tm reports that images of Halo 3 retail discs have been seen online. Of course, they're no good to owners of unmodified consoles, and modified consoles are of no use on Xbox Live, but still...


Hi, you all probably already know this, but here is a fake Halo 3 script. Its obviusly fake, but as much as i've read, its kool anyway. Here's the site: http://www.halo3xbox.com/leaked-halo3-storyline.php
Anyways, i just thought i'd say if there was any one who didn't know. Or did someone already post this?

Dos And Don'ts For Halo Modders

magnum76 on the Project Torlan-Nexus forum has posted an update on what is and is not acceptable to do in creating a Halo-themed mod, like theirs for Unreal Tournament; basically, it seems that extracting Halo content from PC Halo is okay, but extracting Halo 2 content from the Xbox is not. Keep in mind that the information comes from a supposed "Microsoft insider" and is not an official company statement. Voodoo Extreme had the story.

Hack IIS, Win An Xbox

Hack the web server that Microsoft makes, and win a Microsoft console-- that's the proposition of the HackIIS6.0 Challenge run by Roger Grimes. Check that site for details and read the HackIIS6.0 Challenge discussion at Slashdot. The catch? This time, they're going to install all the security patches.

Where XYAB Meets WASD

Notorious peripherals maker Lik Sang is now promoting a device called the SmartJoy designed to allow gamers to use a mouse and keyboard instead of the usual controller to play games on an Xbox, including Halo. HBO pointed out some salient points about the item, and so has TeamXbox. Our take? While we were big supporters of the keyboard and mouse combo prior to Halo's release, we've now become so used to it that using WASD in front of the TV just wouldn't seem AOK.

As far as whether or not using a mouse and keyboard would give a player an advantage over those using gamepads, this post seems to indicate that Bungie may already have considered this and has a way to deal with it by limiting turn radius.

On The Ice It's Sixteen Times As Nice

James at HaloMods writes that the multiplayer version of Assault on the Control Room is now complete and released as version 1.3. MonoxideC is running a server for it as well, check HaloMods for the information.

You Want Me On That Wall

VideoMannumbuh1 writes in the HBO forum that the Fortress Gulch mod, which places a huge wall in the middle of Blood Gulch (among other things) has been released.

Halo Hacking Tool More Helpful

HHHT has been updated to version 1.40, and fixes some bugs as well as adds some new features. Thanks BOLL. Go to Omnight.com to download the new version.

BGH Interviews MonoxideC; AotCR Mod Nearing Completion

FlyingV over at Battleground: Halo has interviewed enterprising Halo modmaker MonoxideC, responsible for the multiplayer Library mod, among others. One of the tidbits he lets drop is the fact that his next mod, a multiplayer version of Assault on the Control Room, is almost done, and some screenshots may be forthcoming soon, as well as a tutorial on converting single player maps to multiplayer.


ok,im sure you all get this alot, bu thow the hell do you hack on the Xbox. I mean, u have a controler w/ less then 10 buttons. how the hell. lol.

Halo Gets A Bird's Eye View

Xhzjang has put out Halo No Hud mod v1.5 at HaloMods. It does two things; it takes away the HUD, and it makes the Banshee model invisible while you're in it. It's the perfect mod for making aerial screenshots. Thanks Louis Wu at HBO.

Since it's a small file, for kicks we've put a copy of it attached to this story. Registered users can download it (registration is easy and free). If you haven't already, register an account and download Halo No Hud 1.5.

Login or register to download the attached file.

Xbox Halo Reload Exploit Works In PC Halo

There's a thread in the HBO forum where mikeman445 pointed out a couple of tricks relating to weapon reloading in Halo; one that he was familiar with, the other he wasn't, but noticed in a tournament video featuring StK vs. TDT.

nof of ninjasonfire noted that StK discovered a bug where if you press the reload button twice and then switch weapons, the first weapon will reload its clip, thus bypassing the time needed to reload the weapon during the reload animations.

nof also points out that this trick still works in Halo PC, and is especially effective on the rocket launcher because of its long reload time.

It became known to nof about eight months ago, at which time he believes the knowledge was fairly exclusive. Guess it isn't any more. Here's hoping that Bungie and Gearbox can get this fixed in a future patch.

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