Bungie announces Myth 2: Soulblighter, Oni

At E3 in 1998, a little over six months after shipping their first Myth game, Bungie announces the sequel.

At the same time, video from the Bungie West project is shown. The game they are working on is Oni, a third-persion action game incorporating martial arts and firearms, with an anime-like visual style and themes very similar to the film Ghost in the Shell.

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Bungie Announces Myth: The Fallen Lords

A whopping seven weeks after Marathon Infinity shipped, twelve and a half months after shipping Marathon 2, Bungie announces Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Myth is obviously not a first-person shooter, as Bungie's last three games (the Marathon Trilogy) were, and represent the company's first foray into Real-Time Strategy games, although some hardcore fans remark that the lack of resource management and other features mean they are more accurately called Real-Time Tactical games.

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Bungie announces Marathon

Bungie announced the follow-up to Pathways, a new 3d action shooter called Marathon, in a press release entitled MARATHON TAKES TEXTURE MAPPING INTO SPACE

They had shown an early version of the game, later dubbed Marathon Zero, at the MacWorld show in San Francisco in January of that year, but later revamped it entirely.

Sadly, Bungie expected the game to ship within a few weeks, but delays forced the game's release until December.

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Halo Reach: Sykotic Map Pack

Ok so the whole deal with the Forerunner Map pack kind of fell apart a long time ago and for some reason I never got around to posting the maps. Upon completion of my newest map I decided to throw them all together and call it the Sykotic Map Pack and post them for you guys. There are four multiplayer maps in total which fully support all gametypes except Invasion and Race. Map details and download link below. Download link takes you straight to the file set containing the maps and their respective loadout pics. That's all folks. For now. Enjoy the maps. Yeah.