Rampancy Reformatted Has Been, Seven Is Darker

Websites, like smart AIs, start to go rampant after seven years, and that's about how old the software and hardware that underpinned Rampancy had gotten.

No more. The site is now on a new machine, and although it's modest, it still outspecs the old one by a significant margin. The CMS that runs that site has been upgraded to a version that, while it is not the latest, is officially supported, and we have a clearer upgrade path to later versions than we had before.

Nearly all of the content has been saved; I'm not actually aware of anything that was lost, and nearly all site features-- the sheet music database, the gamertag database, the forgemap database-- should work as well if not better than they did before.

Some different antispam methods are in place, which means I'm going to experiment with reopening user registration without admin approval soon.

Kick the tires and let me know if anything breaks.

UPDATE: There is one thing broken; the podcast feed. It's being worked on.

UPDATE: The podcast feed should be fixed. I apologize if this creates duplicates for anyone; I've seen this happen before on other podcasts I follow, and I know I hate it when it happens. The upgrade has been a long time coming, though, ad some hiccups are inevitable.