i'm an old fogey!

Hello to anyone who stumbles upon my profile here.
Appearantly, four years ago, I needed some sheet music, so I created an account!
To my dismay, when I needed more, the username I use was taken! *gasp*
Luckily, I was the one who took said username so long ago. login complete! Thats my story.

Sheet Music Update

I have finally finished updating all of my transcriptions. If you still happen to notice a mistake in the sheet music then by all means let me know. I have also updated my blog on how to open .mus files. People were complaining that I was not specific enough on the walkthrough. Well, it is now very specific and you should have no trouble getting through it at all. Once again, if you are still having trouble understanding anything that I've said, say, or will probably say, then send me a private message, email, or just leave a comment...understand???

Finale Printmusic 2009

Now that I have downloaded Printmusic 2009, I am now able to do many things that I was not able to do before with Notepad. I am able to make the sheet music look more professional. I will try to update all of my past submissions into this format of Finale.

Some features to look for in Printmusic 2009:

-Change Time Signatures
-Change Key Signatures
-Change Clefs and Staffs
-Specific Tempo Marks
-More Expression choices
-More Articulation choices
-More Note Choices
-Grace Notes