Title Transcriber Game Date
Birth Of A Spartan Piano Sheet Music Jafetator halo: reach 02.27.11
Time to Dance - Halo Reach Manditory Reck halo: reach 01.09.11
Halo 3 ODST prepare to drop full score roddypatooty halo 3: odst 12.21.10
Swift, Strong, Brave for marching band Pengy halo: reach 10.14.10
Reach Epilogue - Spartans Never Die Spartan182 halo: reach 10.11.10
Halo Reach OST Ashes for Piano Spartan182 halo: reach 10.10.10
The Battle Begins full Score roddypatooty halo: reach 10.09.10
Exodus - Before the Fire theawesome1 halo: reach 10.09.10
Black Snow (original piece) beokabatukaba 10.03.10
Ashes - Piano Manditory Reck halo: reach 10.02.10
Overture - Remember Reach theawesome1 halo: reach 10.02.10
New Alexandria - Wing and a Prayer theawesome1 halo: reach 09.29.10
Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone. Callmeperm halo 3: odst 09.28.10
Winter Contingency - The Battle Begins theawesome1 halo: reach 09.28.10
Lament for Pvt.Jenkins for piano roddypatooty halo 09.27.10
Winter Contingency Revised roddypatooty halo: reach 09.27.10
Tip of the Spear (for Piano) jarsp halo: reach 09.26.10
Halo Reach Winter Contingency roddypatooty halo: reach 09.24.10
Epilogue (Halo Reach OST) superjak1055 halo: reach 09.22.10
Asphalt and Ablution - Piano Callmeperm halo 3: odst 09.15.10
Halo Reach Winter Contingrency roddypatooty halo: reach 09.10.10
Bad Day Here and Action Figure Hands sheet music rashad jenkins halo wars 09.05.10
Overture - Swift, Strong, Brave theawesome1 halo: reach 08.29.10
No time for sightseeing roddypatooty halo 3 08.13.10
Request - Asphalt and Ablusion kehlek halo 3: odst 08.09.10
Tribute for Piano beokabatukaba halo 3 07.31.10
ODST final version (Completed) roddypatooty halo 3: odst 07.22.10
ODST revised version roddypatooty halo 3: odst 07.21.10
Unyielding Orchestra trash266001 halo 2 07.09.10
Dust and Bones theawesome1 halo 2 06.23.10