Tribute for Piano

Here is the sheet music I've been working on for a while. There is a PDF and a Finale file. The beginning is rather hard to see on the PDF because Finale's layering system overlaps notes in previous layers, making it difficult to distinguish, but you should be able to figure it out. Some of the chords in the beginning are also simply impossible to play with one hand, so you may want to just pick and choose what notes you want to play. This wouldn't have been possible without Andybeano's Tribute for Orchestra sheet music which I used to make the majority of this, adding a few changes here and there. Feel free to upload your own versions of the song based off of this, I just ask that you give me credit for the original piano piece as I credited Andybeano.

So here it is! Enjoy.

P.S. The time signature I believe is supposed to switch to 3/4 when the violin solo comes in, but you cannot change time signatures in the middle of a song using Finale, so I just kept going with it.

[update 1.2]
In update 1.2 I've included a "without beginning".mus and .pdf files for those of you who want to skip the ugly-looking and impossible-to-play beginning. The ending has also changed to what I believe to finally be the correct transcription, and that was all possible because of theawesome1 and his post of Halo 2's Epilogue.

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Nice work. Good chords, too.

For all who wish to know i will be updating this to a new version which i think is slightly closer to the orchestral piece. The only part that will be changing is the ending. I will also be uploading a rough concert band version which i intend to use for this year in band class. I'm no expert on instruments and such so it probably will have many mistakes.

I like your arrangement very much; it's quite good.

If you want any help with the concert band arrangement, I could help with it; I've been working on arrangements of music for concert bands.

All in all, nice arrangement!

Thanks. If you are willing to you could give me your email and i can send it to you. It's done for the most part, but i'm looking in to some changes and i'm not sure if i've done it right. Plus it would have to come in seperate pieces, since Finale only lets me make a score for 8 instruments at a time, and my band uses 9+.

Good work! :D Nice to know my transcription was of use :)

Thanks! But did you ever work out that ending part? I'm still uncertain on the current way and i'm open to new ideas.

Sorry I haven't :/ And I can't work on it either (using my project file anyway; I no longer have the software available) :/ If I have time I might be able to work out the rest of the chords though. :)

Also, I don't think Tribute lends itself to a direct piano transcription that well, since, for the latter part at least, it's mostly just block chords (it's just the way the piece is). However, I think with a little bit of creative interpretation, I think it could be really nice :) This version: has a few extra musical ideas that could be used to make the piano version a little more complex if wanted :)

I agree it's not necessarily a great song to play for piano, but i think changing it too much is just going to make the song worse rather than better. It would require writing almost a brand new piece. I think a calmer, flowing piano melody written over the chords might be a way to go but I'm just not so sure if it would sound good or not.