Asphalt and Ablution - Piano

Took me what? 5 minutes to write this for piano. It's a very east song to learn :) I don't have the Orchestra and the Bass or Alto flute part (what ever that noise is though out the song) quite yet, but i hope to get them up soon :) on a musical scale from 1 - 6 it's a 1.5 maybe a 2, Very easy, Enjoy~

PDF icon Asphalt and Ablution.pdf48.52 KB


yea try to get the synthesizer base part sounds pretty cool if you listen for it

Im Trying To, It's Hard Because When That Part Plays, IT's really hard To Determine Where THe Note Lands And it Tends To Sound Like A Completely Different Note,

(Sorry if this response is over a year overdue) I Tried to, though I gave up and just left it how it is.