Halo 4 IS real or a rumor

Anyone see an article about Halo 4??? I read one about it but loss connection and I do not remember how I got to it. Although we have come to believe that halo 3 is the last part, the halo 4 story seemed to check out with the other storylines. It states that you will finish the fight in halo 3, BUT to be more specific, you will only finish the fight with the covenant.

Halo 3 Rumor Control

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With a long quiet period after the release of Halo 2, Halo 3 was perhaps the most speculated-about Bungie game in a decade.

Would it be a shooter? An RTS? An MMO?

Were they even making it? Was someone else making it?

Now we know (most) of the answers, but the questions are still of interest. Below are articles about Halo 3 rumors.

Xbox 360

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A lot of things about the console that would become the Xbox 360 were not clear before it was released.

Would it be backwards compatible-- yes or no? The answer ended up being... sort of.