Halo 3 Beta Signups Start Monday

I can't see any official confirmation of this from Bungie yet, but it appears as if Microsoft sent out a press release that says there'll be signups for the public beta of Halo 3 multiplayer on Xbox Live, and that the signup form will be at www.halo3.com. At least, so says Kotaku, Techspot, Playfuls.com, PlanetXbox360, and, of course, HBO.

Bungie.net only says that the CGTV ad will be out on Monday, along with possibly some "beta news". They do say, however, that the beta will be available in the US, Europe, and elsewhere, and that the TV commercial will be downloadable from the Xbox Live Marketplace, in 720p, sometime after the broadcast.

Take it with a grain of salt for the moment, but here's hoping.

Damn, now I need an Xbox 360.